Have a little coffee with your cream

natural pale brown
singles = Z
Fiber used
Monterey Fair Fleeces (Yolo processed)

One smaller bump in the box was a sample of their pencil roving from a bit of fleece that didn’t make it into the large bumps of roving. Spun this in the true woolen long draw style.

Have now spun more of this and plied into a true 3-ply. This is a fun spin, but boy is there a lot of this fiber! :-)

I’ve been continuing this spin, but not recording it. I’m using both the pencil roving and the regular roving and the yarn is coming out consistently. Today I counted up the skeins (6.5), weighed them (405 g), and calculated the yardage (1575 yards). I still have one bobbin spun and will make two more to do at least one more 3-ply skein. I have two bumps of fiber left, but I’m not sure I want to spin more.

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July 25, 2014
May 2019
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