Oxford 2021/2022

Finished yarn
279 grams, 574 yards: Oxford with mohair and silk noil

Hand picking and drum carding this fleece that I purchased at the Monterey County Fair in 2018.
My washing job wasn’t great and some of the lanolin is still in parts of it. It’s been sunny while carding so that hasn’t been a problem. It slips nicely into the cards.

This is a nice medium length, medium hand fleece. Could make a good workhorse yarn for hats, mitts, socks, maybe even a cardigan. Not super consistent throughout, but the carded batts are very nice.

I think I will be dyeing the skeins once they are spun.


Have finished two samples. I think I like the 2-ply best.
Now spinning more singles. One bobbin finished. Starting in second.


Decided to use these in a stash busting Garter Squish Blanket. I will have to spin more because I think there is only about 400 yards at the most.


After using the white in the Garter Squish and spinning more to complete it, I carded the rest with old stash mohair locks and silk noil. I used the blues and burgundies and pinks. When that wasn’t enough I also added in some teal. There is a lot of silk and mohair in this blend so it is nice to spin!


Plied this loosely because I liked the softness and fluffiness of the resulting yarn. I think it is a little too loose in some spots but will knit up fine.

When I washed the skeins (boiling water, with dish soap because the wool was still sticky with lanolin) a lot of navy blue bleeding occurred. I’m not sure what fiber wasn’t rinsed properly. Probably the blue and the teal mohair. The dark blue dye adhered to the silk noil and dulled them all. It also evened out the color of the white base yarn. That wasn’t on purpose, but I like the result. It just wasn’t what I was expecting to have.

I have now used all of the Oxford fleece. At least I think so! I still have a fleece inventory to do in the garage, but I believe this is all of it.
574 yards, 2 ply, worsted to aran weight

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