Tour de Fleece 2013


6/29 - Tour de Fleece, 2013. I returned to the wheel after several months’ absence, and worked on this 4 oz. of hemp top which I had started and left.

6/30 - day 2: Finished spinning the hemp.

7/1 - day 3: plied 4 oz. hemp.

7/2 - day 4: I had 2 cysts treated, one from each foot, yesterday. No major pain but I didn’t feel like spinning much. I did start a braid of hand-dyed BFL from Frabjous Fibers in “Atlantis.”

7/3 - day 5: skeined off the 226 yards of hemp; a little more of the BFL and even a little spindling (not pictured)

7/4 - day 6: So my day involved a lot of cooking and eating, but also a little spinning on the Kuchulu (my long-term project, BFL/silk from Dicentra Designs “salt marsh”) and the wheel.

7/5 - day 7. More BFL “Atlantis” - 2 episodes of Arrested Development and Snow White and the Huntsman.

7/14 - I’ve been spindling on my Kuchulu for the last several days. Why is the Kuchulu in the freezer? I finished this cop and am trying to induce the stuck center pin to pull free so I can start a new cop. So far no success.

7/18 - I finished the 2-ply BFL - 550 yards light fingering, very pleased with how the color progressions matched up in the two plies. Now it’s on to spinning 2 ounces of silk in “Hallie’s Berries” that I picked up from the late Woodland Woolworks.

7/21 - By the last day of the Tour, I have about 770 yards of finished yarn (the hemp and the BFL from Frabjous Fibers), and have nearly completed singles spinning for my 3-year Dicentra Designs project on my Kuchulu, and wheel spinning the silk. I should be plying them before the end of July.

7/22 - Wrapping up the Kuchulu spinning after almost 3 years: at 12:00 is Idelette, my tulipwood Jenkins Kuchulu (there’s a geeky reference in there if you’re a Calvinist). 2-3:00 are the two cops I spun this Tour. Then there are 4 cops from last year or before, and the skein I already plied with about half the fiber even before that. A total of 4.1 oz of Dicentra Designs 75% BFL, 25% silk in “Salt Marsh.” The second skein will be plied on my wheel soon.

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