TDF2014 - Flamboyant Flamingo

Flamboyant Flamingo
958 yards per pound
singles = S plied = Z
Tools used
Kiwi Spinning Wheel
Fiber used
Hollyberry (merino top)
4 ounces
Salmon Merino
4 ounces
Finished yarn
98 grams, 207 yards: Flamboyant Flamingo
96 grams, 240 yards: Flamboyant Flamingo
28 grams, 70 yards: Bubble gum
Remaining: 67 yards, 22 grams
1 project
3 skeins,200 grams

Ashland Bay hollyberry plied with a solid salmon merino top fiber.

Left over pink merino was then plied on itself for a mini 28 grams skein.

I am much, much happier about this yarn than the previous strawberry sundae yarn I spun with Hollyberry only. It is about sport/fingering size, and since the colors vere pretty close (much closer than you’d guess by the picture) it doesn’t look too barber-pole-ish.

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July 22, 2014
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