TDF2014 - No, I'm not Swedish

No, I'm not Swedish
941 yards per pound
singles = S plied = Z
Tools used
Kiwi Spinning Wheel
Fiber used
Lemon Corriedale
4 ounces
Lagoon Corriedale
4 ounces
Finished yarn
124 grams, 257 yards: No, I'm not Swedish
57 grams, 159 yards: Lolita Lemon
55 grams, 135 yards: Deep Sea Wonders
1 queued project

Ouff… This one took a lot out of me!!First of all really fine - about sock size, really not what I’m used to spin! And somehow, I think I gave it a little bit too much twist while plying, and it ended up very, very twisted as I was trying to wash/dry it.

Fortunately though, it turned out ok after washing, the yellow and blue sections are nice and even, and the barber pole sections are fun and lively. Really happy about this one :) Cannot wait for it to dry so I can show it off!!!

I still have 2oz of blue and 2oz of yellow that I’ll spin separately in two skeins, and I’ll use the 3 of them together for a chevrons cowl. Simply cannot wait!!

July 24th :
To day I woke up and was floored by unworldly neck pains. Unfortunately, will have to stop spinning for a few days. Not sure if I’ll be able to finish by the end of the TDF.

July 27th :
Neck is (FINALLY) feeling better, so I finished spinning and plying the Lolita Lemon skein, yay! :)

July 28th :
Spun the singles for the Deep Sea Wonders skein, still have ply. I’m so excited!!

July 29th :
Finished plying the Deep Sea Wonders skein, I’m so happy! I’m 2 days late because of my neck pains, but I made it! Yay! :)

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