Spinning project
Spinning Martha Silk Cap
wool cabinet
singles = Z
singles = 16 : 1
Tools used
Leichtlen Handspindel Zwetschge (Top) 26g
Lana Passion Handspindel Mini (Top) 10g
Spinnrad Kromski Polonaise
Finished yarn
36 grams, 900 meters: Spinning Martha Silk

100% silk

My first silk caps ever.
Not easy, but get used to it. I try to spin cobweb with a very light handspindle. Its amazing how the rather raw looking material turns into something smooth and shiny. No wonder why people thought its possible to spin gold.

Start with the tiny Lana Passion Spindel, but changed to Leichtlen Zwetschge Spindel because you can put more yarn on it. Finished on Kromskis Polonaise.

Used to ply with the lovely Countess Ablaze Fibre:
Geeks like rainbows too

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