Spinning project
Springdelle Farm Cormo
singles = S plied = Z
Tools used
Canarywood, .9 oz
Finished yarn
220 yards
1 project
Hickory Nut Mitts
1 skein

Purchased this Cormo from Barbara Parry at the 2015 Mass. Sheep & Woolcraft Fair. After practicing, I ended up with about 220 yards of 2 ply, which I dyed with hickory nuts.

Then I bought more at Rhinebeck 2015 and now I’m working on that.

Update 2018: Time to finish this spinning WIP for Tour de Fleece 2018!

The lace pattern in the swatch is from my Shallows cowl.

Spindle is from 3G Woodworks.

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In progress
June 20 2015
work in progress
In progress
  • Created: June 20, 2015
  • Updated: July 29, 2018