Rosie Alpaca Yarn

Natural Black
Light Fingering
singles = S plied = Z
singles = 9 : 1 plied = 7 : 1
Tools used
Upright Single Treadle
Finished yarn
50 grams, 207 meters: Rosie Alpaca Yarn
Remaining: 0 meters, 0 grams
2 projects
Rosie Winter Hat
50 grams
The Yoke of Endurance

This was spun from raw alpaca fleece. It was very dirty and full of vegetable matter. The staple was quite short about 2 1/2 inches so I hand carded rolags after flicking to get out the dirt and veg matter. Blowing the open lock was very effective in removing dirt and stuff.

After sampling, I spun at a rate of 1 inch per treadle 9:1 for singles and 7:1 for plying.

I was aiming for a finished twist rate of 7 twists per inch which I achieved.

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June 2014
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