Knitted Nativity--Joseph
January 4, 2020
January 5, 2020

Knitted Nativity--Joseph

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A Knitted Nativity by Ann Franklin
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm

Body, cloak, arms and sleeves are done. Same construction as Mary, but with a vest and a beard.

The pattern calls for cabled cast on to save yarn, but I don’t think I’m even close to running out of the yarn needed for the three. I think I have enough yarn to make at least one other. However, I am finding knots in the little bits of yarn that came in this kit! If the partial skeins of Hayfield DK are this bad, how is are the full skeins? I’m debating whether to purchase the yarn that is called for. Many of the colors do come in 50g balls which is nice, but the knots!


I need to fix the beard. It turned out too big and then I didn’t sew it in high enough so it looks like he’s wearing a cowl.

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January 4, 2020
January 5, 2020
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