Cotswold Ruana
March 1, 2020
December 31, 2020

Cotswold Ruana

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Cotswold yarn from first fleece
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Getting started on this is part of my goals for Q4 challenge. All the yarn has now been washed and reskeined and yardage measured. I have about 1260 yards, but I am erring on the side of caution and counting it as 1200 yards.

I have the warp from years ago. I won’t be able to start weaving until I get the linen dishtowels off the loom.

ETA: This never happened back in 2015, or even in 2016 when I tried again. Starting over in 2020 for the Winter Weave Along and the Poncho Along with 2KLC group.


Finally getting serious about getting this warp on the loom. Of course the planning sheet that hung around for so long is now nowhere to be found. So I don’t know how many epi I was planning or even how long the warp is. Looked through the notebooks and didn’t find any notes there either. Came here thinking that I might find some notes, but I guess not…

So below I will do the necessary calculations to backwards engineer what I was thinking originally. I know I never really calculated whether I had enough weft yarn, I just thought it looked like so much that of course I would have enough. grinning

Why, oh why am I so haphazard?


Warp yarn is gray Lincoln from Sandy McCabe. Coned yarn that I bought circa 2000.
12 wpi, so 8 epi for a twill.
80 ends in one chain
154 in the other.
Total 234 ends/epi = 29.25 inches wide. Is this too wide?

115 inch warp length.
Ruana length 40” x 2 = 80”
+ 4” hem =84
leaving 115-84=31 inches for loom waste. That should work. 40” will be plenty long for a 5’ person and then with take up and shrinkage it will still be plenty long enough. Also, I don’t think my loom actually uses 31 inches for loom waste. That is a bit higher than usual.

Weft yarn is Cotswold 2-ply from my first fleece. Purchased circa 1998 and spun shortly after.
Approximately 1200 yards = 43,200”
29.25” wide, so 43,200”/29.25” = 1,963
So fewer than 1,476 weft picks total. At 8 ppl that is less than 184 inches potential length, but I only have 115” of warp so I should have plenty of weft yarn.

Now on to sleying the reed…


Have woven about 24 inches of 2-2 twill. I love the way this yarn feels in the cloth. I’m trying to leave plenty of space between picks. At first I was weaving too tightly and I had to undo it and start again. I’m going to have to measure my Japanese style vest and use it to see how much longer I should make the front than the back. I need to allow for the inches that will go over the shoulder from the back neck area.


Off the loom! I love the sheen of the wool and the color shifts. Can’t wait to see how it changes with wet finishing.

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