More Club Car Bedroom Curtains
November 24, 2023
March 16, 2024

More Club Car Bedroom Curtains

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Swedish Lace
1950 Westcraft Coronado "The Club Car"
Tools and equipment
20 epi

Realized that the back window curtains need to be in three panels so that the window levers can be used to open the windows when the curtains are secured on both top and bottom rods. We need a top and bottom rod because the back window is on a slant and the bottom rod will keep the curtain against the slant / instead of hanging straight down.

Couldn’t get more of the 22/2 Marks Cottolin for the warp, but was able to purchase Bockens Cottolin. They look different on the cone, so I “sprinkled” in the new yarn with the old in the warp. About halfway through I realized that once off the cone they seemed identical. I kept mixing the new one in, but it didn’t seem really necessary. I almost used up all the spirit yarn cottolin and will use the last of it in my next warp.

This is just the back window curtains since I wanted them to be as close as possible to the side window bedroom curtains. I’ll be using the new slightly different yarn in a much higher quantity for the rest of the curtains. But the back window curtains are going to be about 90% the same yarn as was used in the side window curtains.

I wound the 3 yard warp today (day after Thanksgiving).
I’ll weave fabric for 3 panels. There will be no deep hems made of all tabby since the curtains will have rod casings on both top and bottom. So the panels will have a small tabby edge and then use the 12121-4-12121-4-12121-43434-1-43434-1-43434 Swedish lace draft. The single threads dividing the groups are brown cotton (Sienna Fox Fibre from Vreises and Sally Fox).


I didn’t allow enough extra warp for take-up and shrinking. Ugh! How did I do that?
So I have enough fabric for two window panels and a little left over. Back to the loom to weave the third panel. I sure hope the warp yarn really will look the same since all I have is the new yarn for this third panel. I think I have enough of the weft yarn for one panel.

Debating whether to warp for the other curtains at the same time but I think the safest thing to do is to just warp for this one panel.


Third panel is off the loom and washed. I just ordered “curtain wire/cord” to go through the bottom casing and hold the bottom of the curtain against the slanted window.

All but a few yards of the vintage cottolin warp was used and I am similarly down to the very end of the cone of the vintage linen singles with the tag “made in Belgium” as the only label. The next set of panels (for the front) will be made with the newer, smoother, stiffer linen singles weft.

Another note, I used the Bock cottolin to replace the 6 threads I needed to add. Based on having interspersed it in the first two panels I was confident that it would be identical to the rest of the warp and it is.


Curtains are hung and they look really nice. The panel in the center bows out a little more than the others making it look like it is a little too long. But I think it’s the top rod bowing in the middle. The fabric is surprisingly heavy. Linen is like that. So we’ll put a couple cup hooks up top to support the top rod better and see how that works. If it doesn’t, then I’ll re-hem that middle panel to make it just a bit shorter.
In the interest of good notes, I’ll admit a couple mistakes.
The winding error that I had in the third panel ended up with the third panel being about 1.5 inches narrower than it was supposed to be. In future don’t forget to check the width when there is a winding error.
The tie up that I used for the back panel was different that what I used for the side panels. I realized it when I had already started weaving. I did NOT have as good of notes as I should have. I thought that all it would do is give me the wrong side. But in fact they are slightly different. On the side curtains that were made first the horizontal floats (RS of fabric) are three threads and the vertical floats (WS of fabric) are two threads. On the back curtains the horizontal are only two threads and the vertical are three threads. This is only noticeable on close inspection of the structure. I am admitting it here so I remember to be more careful on the front curtains. I will NEVER tell Robt. joyjoyjoy

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