Not a Bit Sheepish Sonny Bono Jacket
February 22, 2019
December 31, 2020

Not a Bit Sheepish Sonny Bono Jacket

Project info
Coat / Jacket
My inner 9 year old
Needles & yarn
US 19 - 15.0 mm
Curly Locks handspun mohair
150 yards in stash
Natural gray
Stitches West in Santa Clara, California
February 22, 2019

I finished the back of this jacket and I’m ready to cast on for one of the sides. Used slightly more than one skein for the back.

I experimented with seed stitch, but in the end decided to go with the stockinette of the original pattern because it most resembles the jacket my mom made me when I was 9 or 10.

I fell in love with this jacket because it is an adult version of a faux fur coat that my mom made me and that I loved in my childhood. So I wanted the version that looked the most like that. The pattern calls for stockinette, but there was also a seed stitch version at Amazing Yarns booth and it was definitely more textural and shows off the yarn. Just not the look I fell in love with.


Finally got the extra skein ordered! I really want to get this jacket finished for the fall.


I started working on this jacket again finally. The stitch counts for the sleeves are just too big. So I used the sleeve I started for a gauge swatch (1.3 st per inch) and determined that I will start the sleeves with 11 stitches (and increase to 16 stitches. I’m alternating skeins.


Both sleeves are done and just need to be set in.

Then a small collar goes on.

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February 22, 2019
December 31, 2020
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