Robt’s Pandemic Big Toe Socks
June 23, 2020
July 19, 2020

Robt’s Pandemic Big Toe Socks

Project info
80 and 72 stitch
Needles & yarn
500 yards
Garnstudio DROPS Fabel
186 yards in stash
0.75 skeins = 168.0 yards (153.6 meters), 37 grams
Nordic Mart
September 14, 2014
Twist Fiber Studio Pisgah Fingering
none left in stash
0.83 skeins = 332.0 yards (303.6 meters), 83 grams
won as prize

Cast on 80. 2.5 inches of blue rib. Then shifted to broken rib stitch with a slipped stitch. Will have blue heels and toes.


After about 4 inches I decreased to 72 stitches. I’ve had him trying them on to make sure. 72 stitches has worked for other socks, but 80 stitches means they can be a bit taller.

Heel is in blue. I may need both a stripe around the foot and the toe in blue in order not to run out of the multicolor yarn. Weighing as I go in order to see if I’ll need the blue stripe.


He nixed the blue stripe, preferring the blue heel yarn to just start early--before the heel decreases. I used up every last bit of the Twist Fiber yarn and the rest of the first 50 g ball of the Fabel. Started in on the second 50 g ball to finish the socks. All that’s left now is weaving in ends and washing.

Pattern stitch:
K1 Sl1 K2
K2 P2
K all
K2 P2

I love how it turns out. A nice puffy rib stitch.

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June 23, 2020
July 19, 2020
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by Garnstudio
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
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  • Finished: July 20, 2020
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