Melted Rainbow Anastasia Socks
July 27, 2012
August 30, 2012

Melted Rainbow Anastasia Socks

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Anastasia Socks by MintyFresh
Feet / LegsSocksMid-calf
Needles & yarn
Fleece Artist, Mystery Yarn
50 yards in stash
0.8 skeins = 200.0 yards (182.9 meters)
Birkeland Bros wool

My Ravellenic 2012 Games “Sock Putt” entry & stash buster. I don’t know the yardage of this mystery yarn so when I run out they are done.

This yarn was a mistake, I was mesmorized by all the colours but it doesn’t knit up very well. Knowing that, I’m making socks all the same. Maybe I’ll learn to love them.
Aug 30 (long after the Olympics have closed):These are the socks that never I never should have knit.

1 - I disliked the yarn & knew I would. It is a colour thing. All use colour loving knitters fall for it at some point. You see that skein of multi-coloured hues and feel it calling you. You purchase it, get it home and wind it into a ball only to find it doesn’t look so pretty any more. Maybe you try a few swatches, hoping the right stitch pattern will make the difference but everything just look messy. Yes, this is one of those yarns.

Not only does the yarn knit up to look like a rainbow melted in a mud puddle but after turning the heel I discovered that one sock was coming out distinctively darker than the other. Ah, the joys and challenges of hand dyed yarns. Even though both socks were knit from the same skein there is a definite shift in colour.

2 – This pattern is not ideal for two-at-a-time magic loop socks. I didn’t think of this until working the leg. The lace stitches gradually twists around the leg of each sock. Yes, this means that at some point stitches will have to move from the front need to the back and vise versa. This is easy enough if you are paying attention but I wasn’t. If you attempt this project with magic loop make sure you pay attention and carry the edge stitches over the row before they are to be worked. I did this by transferring them to little stitch holders or cable needles so they could be retrieved in the following round.

3 – short row heel with no gusset – how is that supposed to fit? I can barely fit my feet into these socks! If you are doing this pattern I strongly recommend working a different heel.

What I did like is the stitch pattern is so simple that after the third round, there really isn’t any need to look at the pattern. It was easy to work, easy to remember and just enough to keep me from getting bored.

I’m not saying this is a bad pattern, it just isn’t written very well. If you change the heel and pay attention to moving stitches, you’ll be fine and end up with sock much nicer than mine.

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July 27, 2012
August 30, 2012
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