Leafy Green Spring North Roe shawl
February 11, 2012
February 28, 2012

Leafy Green Spring North Roe shawl

Project info
Neo North Roë Shawl by Odile Buatois-Brand
Neck / TorsoShawl / Wrap
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
682 yards = 3.75 skeins
Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca
91 yards in stash
3.75 skeins = 682.5 yards (624.1 meters), 187 grams
birkeland brothers
February 9, 2012

My entry into multiple lace patterns in a shawl.

This shawl ended up so much larger than I originally intended. Next time I’ll use 3 reps of chart 1 and smaller needles. Very glad I didn’t go ahead with the 4mm I did the swatch in.

The Drops alpaca yarn is nice and soft but find it is drying my hands out a little. Also found that if I’m not careful I split the yarn when ssk or k2tog. The edging didn’t hold the blocking long (and i block the hell out of my shawls) but it looks nice anyhow.

The charts included in the pattern are little hard to read, it includes symbols for k which aren’t necessary, so I transcribed it into my little black book and find it much easier to read now. The lace pattern is nice and easy to memorize & follow. Make sure not to forget the m1 and extra yo in rows 1 & 11 of first two charts.

Feb 11: swatch done of first lace charted pattern using 4mm circular needles. Is a little looser than I’d like, will use 3.5 mm for the shawl. (looked up lace shawls using this yard and most people went with 3.5mm so happy enough with that, not doing another swatch.) Swatch was 13 x 6 before blocking and 19 x 7.25 after blocking. Used 4.5 mm to cast of first half and 5 mm for the rest. 4.5 mm too tight, even could go to 5.5mm (?).

Feb 12: Casted on using 3.5 mm straight needles because I didn’t want to wait till Monday’s knitting group to start. Must remember to pick up circulars though. Only did first 24 rows as it was quite late when I started.

Feb 14: finished second repeat and worked to row 58 of first chart. Halfway through 2nd rep I realized I’d been doing the slp2tog purlwise. The center of the leaf is much neater now that I’m doing them correctly but I’m leaving the earlier ones as is (I don’t mind the change in pattern, the purlwise slips look more organic)

Feb 15: joined second ball of yarn and started 4th repeat

Feb 19: started second chart after finishing 4th chart 1 rep, which was perfectly timed as I was just starting to get bored of the first pattern. The shawl is going to end up much larger than I originally intended but I’m okay with that. Might do only one rep of chart 2. Worked to row 99 (row 9 of second chart)

Feb 20: worked to row 15 of second chart. Moving very slowly now (right side rows taking about ½ hour with purled side around 15 mins). Spliced in third ball of yarn.

Feb 25: row 40 of chart 2 (row 130) piece measures 64 x 31 when stretched. I’m going to need to use the 4th ball of yarn to get 2 chart 2 and full third chart (I decided I need two reps of chart 2)

Feb 26: chart 2 row 44 (154) joined fourth ball of yarn.

Feb 28: cast off in lace pattern (row 9 chart 3) with 5 mm needles. I noticed I’d messed up some of my chart 3 rows (chevrons started to turn into diamonds) but with each row taking close to 40 minutes and (as much as I really have enjoyed this pattern and each chart) I NEED to be DONE so it will have to stay.

Leap Day: I blocked the shawl late last night and have been peaking at it all morning. It snowed over night (unusual for this time of year so I’m blaming it on leap day). Had to fight the urge to unpin and wear the shawl when I went for coffee. It is covered to keep it safe from my cat so it is drying slowly. Going to leave it till at least 1pm (it will have had about 13 or 14 hours at that point).

October 2012: a little update after getting some great use out of this shawl. This is my go to for extra warmth and was handy spring, summer and now in the fall. I find it supper easy to wear with about anything. My only note would be that the alpaca doesn’t hold the blocking very well. the main lace motifs show up well but the chevron edging curls up. All the same it looks great and has worn well - no pilling, which is always my fear. I’d use the yarn again I just may stick to a wide garter edging. It’s nice and warm and not too itchy (although i wouldn’t want a sweater made from it).

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February 11, 2012
February 28, 2012
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