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Susan's Cardigan
February 1 2014
February 28 2014
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Susan's Cardigan
#63 Charming Shawl-Collared Cardigan by SweaterBabe
Needles & yarn
US 11 - 8.0 mm
bernat softee chunky

I made this lovely sweater for my boyfriends mothers birthday (commissioned by his father.) The instructions on the skein say it’s machine washable and dry able, THIS IS A LIE. It looks lovely in the photos, but as soon as I washed it, it stretched out to the size of an elephant! I tried blocking but it’s acrylic so, duh, no luck.

I must mention, I had some questions about the sleeve shaping and emailed the designer and she got right back to me with super helpful advice, I appreciated it greatly. (ps, nothing wrong with the pattern I just read it wrong.)

I’m re-ordering the yarn and starting over (even though it’s gonna be a late gift at this point) and I’m going to send it with VERY specific hand washing instructions so it doesn’t get destroyed.

(Not gonna mention all the many, many tears that were shed after the destruction of this lovely project.)

Back to work!!!


I finally finished it! After the great washing debacle i thought i would never get sweater #2 finished. I rush ordered the yarn and ended up paying an arm and a leg for it, but it’s done and going out in the mail tomorrow! I’m bummed that I had to make it twice but I was able to do the seams a little cleaner the second time through, especially the collar shaping. Plus now I can say I’ve knitted two sweaters this month, what a pro! I included a picture of the first sweater after it was fatally washed. So, buyer beware, if you machine wash this yarn it will expand and lose all elasticity.

The first picture is of Susan modeling her new, wonderful sweater. The second two pictures are also of sweater #2 and the last two are of sweater #1 before and after that fateful washing day.

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February 1 2014
February 28 2014
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