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Cityscape by Laura Chau
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unraveled from two thrift store sweaters, held double; blue XL men's Eddie Bauer; ecru Gap

I love it! I had to block the shoulders and yoke more aggressively than the rest because I began the yoke decreases a bit early because of lack of blue yarn. But blocking worked and it fits beautifully. The only thing left to do is to find a little bead to sew on the Tardis I put on the back left shoulder. The other mod I made is to do the smallest size neckline even though the body was medium - because I prefer closer fitting necklines.

4/11 Blogging about finishing techniques here and here.

3/11 After a long exile on Sleeve Island, I have joined the sleeves and body and am beginning the colorwork.

1/11 - Took this with me on a weekend getaway and really cranked out some inches on the body. It’s waiting now on the sleeves, which I’m doing 2 at a time. Unfortunately, I knit too much and now I need to rest my wrists.

11/20 - I decided to swatch with some navy blue from my stash of unravelled thrift store sweaters, and tried out the I-cord cast on while I was at it. This takes SO LONG that I just decided to make an afternoon of it and cast on or the whole thing, joined in the round and it’s now ready to go when I need some mindless stockinette. Gauge is about right.

I’m swatching for this at the moment with my stash of reclaimed, unravelled thrift store sweater yarn. Not getting the right gauge, so I’m coveting some Madeline Tosh merino light. But we’ll see. I have a huge case of startitis and it may not last to see anything through to the end. So far I’ve tried moss green for the city and white for the sky, but I’m probably going to go blue instead.

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November 2010
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