Rhinebeck goes Ravellenic
July 27, 2012
August 12, 2012

Rhinebeck goes Ravellenic

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Rhinebeck by Lisa Lloyd
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Tour de Fleece 2012, part 3, Days 16-end

October update: sewed the buttons on… this is the one on the right, and is now in Scotland with its new owner. I get to keep the one on the left!

8/12 - Used all of 552 on the collar and joined in 125 (copper/caution/embers) for the last bit. Finished! All it needs is buttons and blocking. About 1444 yards used in total.

8/11 - Finished off left sleeve with 443 (double bronze/flame). Picked up left button band with 115 (double copper/embers) -- total of 109 stitches. 108 stitches on the buttonhole band, and I looked up how to do single row buttonholes, and made six evenly spaced ones. Started collar with 552 (double embers/caution).

8/10 - Cranked out most of left sleeve beginning with 234 from other sleeve, then 245 (caution/bronze/embers) then 335 (double flame/embers).

8/9 - Right sleeve should get finished today. If only I hadn’t had the 2 days wasted work at the beginning that had to be frogged, I could make it easily!

8/8 - I don’t think I’m going to make it… sleeve island is a long way to go still! However, I finished 114 and began alternating 234 (caution/flame/bronze) and 124 (copper/caution/bronze) on the right sleeve. Pictured with book (for Ginny’s yarn-along).

8/7 - I cranked out the right and left front yoke and joined the shoulders today. Also picked up stitches for the right sleeve. Finished 123, 225 and began the sleeve with 114 (double copper/bronze).

8/6 - Had a sick headache today and zero knitting got done.

8/5 - Joined on 225 (double caution/embers) and finished the 10” of the back; began right front with 123 (copper/caution/flame)

8/4 - Went blueberry picking so there was very little knitting time except in the car going there. Back is about 3 inches of the 10 needed.

8/3 - Division day - no more waffle stitch! Began back with stockinette stitch in 553 and joined on 235 (caution/flame/embers).

8/2 - Daniel drove me to Kelso so he could take his driver’s exam there: more knitting time. Began alternating 113 with 553(double embers/flame) and total length 14”.

8/1 - A trip to the eye Dr. and the DMV meant lots of knitting time: now have joined on skein 113 (double copper/flame) and total length is 10.5” even before watching the Olympics. Photo measured against my 2009 Rhinebeck for color and size comparison.

7/31 Not much time for knitting during the day; joined on skein 134 (copper/flame/bronze) and total length was about 7.5”

7/30 At the end of Monday night knit group and a late night session watching the Olympics, I added on my third skein, 135 (copper/flame/embers) and was about 6.5”.

7/29 I frogged the whole thing due to gauge issues and started fresh. It was coming out 48” and I was going for 46”. So I spent the day furiously knitting and ended up almost where I was the day before… almost 4” in.

7/28 Cast on midafternoon Friday. I finished one ball (96 yards) and about 2 inches of knitting while watching the Opening Ceremonies; 145 (copper/bronze/embers) and am now working on 345 (flame/bronze/embers).

I had great fun spinning the orange 3-ply superwash for this during the Tour de Fleece. Now I’ll challenge myself to knit it up into a Rhinebeck sweater just like my Rhinebeck by Proxy for my sister, Beth. Beth lives in the UK, near Glasgow and I suspect she may root for the UK rather than team USA, but that’s okay. We’ll all be anglophiles together. I’ll be knitting with team Knit Your Handspun and participating in the Sweater Triathlon. First photo shows the color progression I’ve arranged after winding all the balls.

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July 27, 2012
August 12, 2012
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