Black Roses Stole "Lady MacBeth"
March 12, 2012
July 27, 2012

Black Roses Stole "Lady MacBeth"

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Rose Lace Stole by Susanna IC
Neck / TorsoShawl / Wrap
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Black roses cashmere
in stash
goodwill outlet
March 8, 2012

7/27 - I finally finished, just in time to cast on for the Ravellenic Games! It’s taking a bath in vinegar water now. Estimate about 1000 yards of cobweb weight cashmere. Blocked to 22”x70”.

7/11 - I’ve been taking it along to swim lessons and am almost finished with the long slog. The beaded lace border comes next!

5/28 - beginning the long boring part of the second half. About 12 rows into the 140-row repeat. Yikes!

5/5 - I am now calling this project “Lady MacBeth” because of how my hands look after working on it. I added 40 rows to the long stretch for a total of 70 yarnovers, and yesterday I did my first few rows of the first edge pattern. I’m adding beads as recommended by the designer, and I’m using Oral B Superfloss as described by LindaLovesLace text I think it will actually work!

3/24/12 - getting into the main part of the first half, this will take awhile! Yarn gives off a bit of dye so I need to be careful what I wear while knitting.

I had only gotten a few rows with the recommended size 7 needles when I decided to start over with size 4, more suited to the very fine yarn.

I think I will try this pattern with my 100% cashmere reclaimed, hand dyed yarn. So exciting!

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March 12, 2012
July 27, 2012
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