Twin Girl Baby Bonnets
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Twin Girl Baby Bonnets

Project info
Bonsai Bonnet by Studio Misha and Puff
0-6 Month
Needles & yarn
Yarn Bee Pigment + Fiber

I made several changes to accommodate the yarn I had and to address the applied i-cord issues others were having.

Size Knit: 0-6 Month
Needles: Size 5s
Yarn: Pigment + Fiber, 2 Strands held together

My Pattern Alterations:

  • At the end of each row, I slipped the last stitch instead of knitting or purling (so WS: P1, Pattern, Slip as if to purl; RS: K1, Pattern, Slip as if to knit)
  • I did 4 full repeats of the pattern, then knit to Row 8 before starting decreases on Row 9
  • Seaming: I used 3 needle Bind Off (inside out) for the remaining stitches and used a single crochet inside the hat for the diagonal portion. This worked okay… I’ll try something different next hat. Might Single Crochet the entire inside to make it more seamless.
  • I-Cord: I used Size 3 needles with the same 2 strands of yarn held together. The smaller needles combined with my slipped stitch edges worked perfectly together. I was able to I-Cord into every slipped edge stitch and not have any rippling.
  • Applied I-Cord technique: I used a small set of circulars (size 2 I think) to pick up all the slipped edges around the face of the hat to make the application of my I-Cord easier.
  • On the 2nd (purple hat), I did the seam with Kitchener stitch. I much prefer the look of this option.

All-in-all, it was super fun to knit and I’m very happy with my alterations. I’m working on Bonnet 2 today and will post any updates on seaming, as that’s the only thing I’m not 100% happy with at this point.

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  • Project created: October 6, 2019
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