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Mermaid Humboldt
May 15 2018
June 27 2019
Project info
Mermaid Humboldt
Humboldt by Anna Maltz
Needles & yarn
18 stitches and 29 rows = 4 inches
1,312 yards = 6 skeins
Rowan Kidsilk Haze
3 skeins = 685.7 yards (627.0 meters), 75 grams
Rowan Kidsilk Haze
3 skeins = 627.0 yards (573.3 meters), 75 grams

I’m planning to unravel two unworn sweaters (Bay and Blue Ivy, both have project pages on here) and turn them into one amazing sweater. Can’t believe how excited I am about this project!

Made my gauge swatch and I’m super excited to start this project.

I think I will make this sweater a little shorter than my Port Charlotte.

Took apart my Bay sweater. IT TOOK SO LONG! Unravelling mohair is a massive pain.

Fortunately unravelling isn’t as bad as taking the pieces apart. Think I will try and spend around half an hour per day on it and take it slowly.

I’ve unravelled the front, back and both sleeves of my Bay. Having calculated the size at different gauges, I think I will make size S, which should give a 38.5” bust (around half an inch of positive ease). I should actually take my measurements again because I have lost a bit of weight.

My Port Charlotte has a 38” bust.
18.5” long

Finished unravelling Blue Ivy too. It was much easier to unravel the sock yarn than the mohair.
Once I have frozen the navy yarn, I guess I can cast on! That might be something for the bank holiday weekend.

I wanted to give the yarn a bit longer in the freezer to ensure that any potential moths are killed off, so I haven’t managed to cast on yet. Hoping to do so this coming weekend.

Just cast on!

Got to nearly four pattern repeats before realising that the fade didn’t look right. Just ripped back many, many hours of knitting.

I’m just about back to the stage of this knit that I was before I ripped back. Much happier with how the ombre is looking this time. Soon it will be time to put the body on hold and start working on the sleeves, quite looking forward to that!

Making decent progress on my first sleeve but struggling a bit with how I want the ombre to look. That seems to be a big theme of this project!

Bought additional turquoise yarn this week. Need to sit down and figure out where I am with the pattern so I can resume work.

The sleeve is going quite quickly now that I’ve picked it back up. Soon it will be time to try the pieces on.

Finished sleeve 2 and now I have realised it makes more sense to use up all of the turquoise yarn in the sleeves. Hopefully this will mean I have enough of the pale blue to finish the yoke without having to purchase any additional yarn. Ripped back sleeve 1 to the turquoise area to insert the remaining yarn. The sleeves are lovely and quick to work so should be on to the yoke soon. Exciting!

On a massive knitting jag. Have joined for the yoke section. Sadly means that the sweater is now so large that I can only really work on her at home.

Getting close to the end. The project pictures for Humboldt show a lot of variability in the neckline (and I’ve found personally that gauge etc. can have an unpredictable effect on how it turns out). However, mine is looking (as written) like a boat neck. I don’t like boat necks. I’m going to try ripping back to where I left a lifeline just above where the marlisle pattern finishes and the neckline shaping begins. My plan is to increase the rate of decreases in the body sections to narrow the front and back. Fingers crossed that this will work, it’s going to be trial-and-error.

Another weekend with a lot of knitting time. After two attempts, I think I have altered the neckline in a way that I like. More details about how I changed the neckline are in my ‘WiP Wednesday 4’ blog post.

Did the i-cord cast-off at the neck and I am cautiously hopeful. Now just the i-cord at the hem and cuffs and it will be time to block.

Got halfway through the hem cast-off yesterday (took over an hour). I’m hoping to do all of the finishing this week so I can freeze (moth contamination) and block this baby before I move house.

Just one sleeve left to cast off. Armpits have been kitchenered, so just ends to sew in after that.

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May 15 2018
June 27 2019
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