Mutierte Wendeschneeflocke müt Pünk drün
December 8, 2010
December 8, 2010

Mutierte Wendeschneeflocke müt Pünk drün

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Christbaumschmuck und Geschenkanhänger by Initiative Handarbeit
DecorativeHanging Ornament
app. 5 cm Diametre
Hooks & yarn
3.0 mm
Wolle Rödel Sempre

Wanted to try the pattern - very simple, two crocheted circles joined with a picot edging. Did hdc instead of dcs for the last round, as it would have been too big for my taste otherwise. Like the look, but notice I still have to work on my embroidery skills. And a snowflake has 6 rays, not 8… Used crochet thread in white cotton for edging and embroidery

ETA: Pattern does not seem to be available any longer: It is basically 2 circles from dc, starting with 12, going on for 3 rounds in total. Put them back to back and join with scs. Add filling before, if you want (I did not) and picots, embroider snowflakes - done!

Link zum Anleitungs-PDF:

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December 8, 2010
December 8, 2010
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