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Travelling Swap Blanket
July 2009
December 30 2009
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Travelling Swap Blanket
Framhurst Afghan by Shiri Mor
Travelling Blanket Swap
do not know yet - probably 24-48 squares
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)
538 yards
Garnstudio DROPS Fabel Print
0.75 skeins = 168.0 yards (153.6 meters), 37 grams
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Magico (80/20 blend)
0.4 skeins = 184.0 yards (168.2 meters), 40 grams
Gift from a stash swap - thanks Ravelclaw!
Tausendschön Handgefärbte Sockenwolle Merino/Nylon
0.4 skeins = 186.0 yards (170.1 meters), 40 grams
Gift from a sock swap - thanks Ravelclaw!

I am participating in the German “Travelling Blanket” Swap, organized bei Lilith in the German Tauschrausch group. We will exchange 12 squares (20 cm, knitted OR crocheted) altogether, which of course is a little too few for a blanket, so I will add some made from me. I want this to be as colourfull as possible, mostly using my sock yarn leftovers, but I do not have a problem at all with acrylics for a blanket as well. As most of the other participants are not at all in favor of acrylics, I will keep the acrylic parts for my own use.
I am still struggeling with the sizing when knitting - only one of my squares actually is a 20 cm square - most came out too bigsigh - which is why I prefer crocheting or knitting diagonally at the moment, as sizing is easier…

Can’t wait to see the squares of all the others!

Update August 7th: Well, I have developed a serious square crocheting habit… LOVE to do all kinds of crocheted squares, much more than knitting! Also developed a serious addiction to colors which you should wear sunglasses for… Just today, I just HAD TO buy an additional skein of brightest sunny yellow - YELLOW ACRYLIC! It’s serious, I know… Well, but I guess there is hope, as I like the green KPPM in the Sunrise square best so far…
Update August 24th Still have that crocheting habit… I meanwhile joined RAK Europe group and received some knitted squares as gifts, together with further shipment of wonderful yarn scraps. And I bought Jan Eatons 200 Crochet blocks for inspiration

Update Sep. 7th: Today got the GREAT Penguin Patch from JudyK in the RAK group - LOVE it and will try to crochet one as well!

Update Sep 25th: Got another wonderfull square from handywoman, a dear RAK-Raveler from Greece in a great turquoise-blue. And the 4times-Granny square in Pink, Blue and Cream is from Lilith

Update Dec. 30th : Guess what -it’s finished! I decided to start assembling it yesterday morning and crocheted squares together the whole day - from app. 9 to 9 p.m. (just interrupted by one short grocery shopping trip and lunch and dinner break) - can only do this because I have days off from work of course. I was afraid I would never pick it up again once I put it down. It’s 7x7 squares wide, i.e. ap. 140x140 cm - good size. And it is great to assemble a blanket if you have a bad case of Rüsselpest and have to stay on a warm sofa anyway, I can tell you!

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July 2009
December 30 2009
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  • Project created: July 31, 2009
  • Finished: December 31, 2009
  • Updated: November 6, 2017