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October 28 2018
November 6 2018
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The Tube Thing (knitted) / Schlauchdingens by Julia Marquardt
Me probably and to use up leftovers
CO 88 stitches, increasing 2 stitches every 2nd row
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Garnstudio DROPS Air
2.6 skeins = 426.5 yards (390.0 meters), 130 grams

Have this yarn leftover from diverse poncho/capelet projects. I really like to wear those ponchos, so I want to do something similair.

PandoraStricktick mentioned on Instagram» that this pattern is very wearable, so I will give it a try.

CO 84 stitches, did app. 4 ridges of garter, then increased 2 stitches every other row via yo, ktbl in non-increasing rows.

Started with the grey yarn of which I have 1 full ball and app. 30%, will then go on with the brown yarn (app. 80% left) and the grey-anthrazit (app. 60%)

Hope this will be big enough in the end.

November 1, 2018

Finished what I have left from the grey yarn, will now see how far I get with the brown and if I want to also use the grey/anthrazit

November 6, 2018

Finished! Did the dark grey part in garter stitch in rows and closed the gap later with sewing.

This reached quite a decent length - not to say a perfect length! At the moment I am thinking about mainly wearing it as a poncho over my shoulders, but we will see.


November 8, 2018

Put it on for the first time today and I really, really like it!
I might also wear it as a “bip”, so not over my shoulders, as I really like the drape it gives me.

I see a lot of future “Schlauchdingens” coming - I might use up the Drops Nord I have in stash and frog that fair isle project which I do not really like…

If I do it again, I would probably cast on fewer stitches, maybe 72 or so, do a cowl for a little longer and then increase after that to get it a little closer to the neck.

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October 28 2018
November 6 2018
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