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March 1 2013
March 28 2013
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Aphrodite by Sivia Harding
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Wollfaktor Orient

In 2013 I want to do several shapes of shawls, to see which ones I like best.
There is also the bead challenge on the Dutch knitters forum, so I choose a beaded shawl to start.

This is Aphrodite (tall), described as ‘3 sides of a square’.
I blocked it a bit rounder.

The yarn was very nice to knit with - handdyed 100% tussah silk, but the shawl grew a lot with washing and blocking. I did not really do any agressive blocking, just wetting and laying out in the right shape, without pins.

I was planning to take this with me to Suriname, where my daughter does an internship, but I am thinking it’s too fancy. I do need something for in the airconditioning, though, maybe knit another one, smaller and without beads?

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March 1 2013
March 28 2013
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