"Rosebud Throw"
August 2015
January 1, 2016

"Rosebud Throw"

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Rosebud Throw by Glenda Winkleman
42" X 57"
Hooks & yarn
6.0 mm (J)
5.0 mm (H)
Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)
6.5 skeins = 2366.0 yards (2163.5 meters), 1287 grams
September 2015
Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)
October 2015
Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)
September 2015
Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)
September 2015
Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)
October 2015
Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)

This pattern inspired me to learn Tunisian crochet. The RedHeart pattern is marked for “experienced” crocheters but don’t let that fool you as the whole throw is done in Tunisian simple stitch, regular crochet, and cross stitching.

I did have trouble working the bobbles and, finally, gave up and substituted my own version: YO, insert hook in next vertical bar, YO, pull through two loops. Repeat this two times more in the same vertical bar. Then, YO and pull through three loops on hook. One last YO and pull through loop on hook. This last step cinches the bobble and makes it pop. A photo showing the detail of the bobble, front and back of the panel, let’s you see how my version came out. (The green yarn marks the tenth bobble diamond in the panel.)


I’ve included a sample swatch (photo) on which I experimented with cross stitching the rosebuds, one using a single strand of yarn (left flower) and the other with two strands. I couldn’t tell from the pattern photo whether to use one strand or two and the pattern instructions are silent on the matter.

Based on the swatch, I prefer one strand because I like to clearly see the X’s. However, three of four family members preferred the rose on the right.

Finally, you may note that I’ve had to substitute for the original colors since a couple of the pinks are discontinued. Personally, I don’t like the substitution of the red and have since found another pink.


Finally! Completed all major and “minor” (bobble) panels. “Relaxed” one of each with a handheld steamer (used for clothes) and laid them side-by-side panels that hadn’t been relaxed (photo) to compare and contrast Before and After.

Finished the border for one Panel A and B. Now, I’ll treat myself to some of the cross stitching. Hurray!


Four sets of rosebuds cross-stitched! :-)

And eight more to go. :-(


Finished cross stitching another panel of rosebuds.


Huzzah! All rosebuds cross-stitched and borders on all panels complete. Now I can begin piecing it together and work the border for the entire throw.


Added photos showing the seaming, both front and back, of rosebud and “bobble” panels.

Be sure that the crochet hook catches the back loop only.

Added another photo to show what it looks like when the crochet hook is inserted into the back loops, per directions. (The fronts of the two panels are face-to-face.)



Some notes:

  1. The rosebuds and bobbles seemed to need a more flattering border than provided by the pattern. I’m really pleased with the scalloped border.
  2. If you buy the number of skeins of soft white SuperSaver recommended by the Red Heart website (as I did), you may well find it overkill. Not knowing any better, I purchased one extra so I would have enough. Altogether, I needed only ~6 1/3 (or perhaps 6 1/2), not the 9 that Red Heart recommended. So, counting the tenth that I bought, I have three skeins of soft white SuperSaver looking for a new project.
  3. Pattern size was given as 44.5” X 59.5”. At 42” X 57”, mine is fairly close.
  4. And the note on the soft white goes for all those other skeins. I needed nowhere near as much as a skein for cross-stitching in any one color. You can probably get away with whatever you have half-used in your stash.
  5. “I” hook used for all not-Tunisian crochet because I wanted a slightly tighter look to my stitches.


I switched placement of the first and second photos.


Afghan won a first place at the local county fair!

To be up front, I didn’t see any other afghans entered in the Afghan stitch category. Nonetheless, I put a lot of care into creating something beautiful and well made so I like to think it was well-earned.

ETA 08-14-2016: Picked up the afghan from the fairgrounds today. Judge’s note with the ribbon read, “Pretty on front. Please learn to run in ends and clip tails closely.” I deliberately did not cut too close because, unlike a framed piece, an afghan is flexible and I thought the ends would eventually work themselves out, either through use or, if I had to clean it, through washer and dryer action. Next time, I will work the yarn under an extra stitch or two and then snip them closely just prior to fair entry. This will satisfy the judges’ concern but leave me with the added insurance that I want.


Corrected the hook size. Found out after all these years that my favorite “I” hook is really an “H”.

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August 2015
January 1, 2016
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