Hue Shift
February 5, 2015
March 31, 2015

Hue Shift

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Hue Shift Afghan by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Stylecraft Special Double Knit

The recommended yarn of Brava Sport is nearly impossible to obtain in the UK and you even have to jump through many hoops to be allowed to buy the pattern (particular thanks to SheGar for helping me jump through some of the hoops) so I have substituted Stylecraft Special DK in the following colours:
Celestial = Royal
Marina = Turquoise
Tranquil = Aspen
Alfalfa = Spring green
Canary = Citron
Caution = saffron ( or sunshine) decided on sunshine
Orange = Jaffa
Red = Matador (or lipstick)
Rouge = Fondant
Fairy Tale = Magenta ( or plum)
I’ll decide an border colour later but it might be emperor rather than black.
Of course the colours might change if they don’t quite work. Some of them seem to be a nearly exact match on screen at least.

(Edited in 2016 to add - By the time I started my fourth Hue Shift afghan Knit picks had been made available to the UK.)

Brilliant video of how to weave in ends here
Seaming garter stitch
And here

Long thread with lots of tips and photos here

No Sew Seams

Notes from other Ravelry members projects: -
“To avoid the stripes from ‘jogging’ on the inside squares (where you PU stitches on both sides), first: PU 24 stitches, then as you turn the corner, PU 25 sts - picking up the first stitch from the 1st stripe of color. DO NOT pick up the 25th (center) stitch from the square below, this will create the jog”

And from also from Hopje “ I experimented with some squares because that jog was driving me crazy (even though it’s subtle), and noticed it happens only when I picked-up the center stitch from the corner of the square below-left (but, maybe it’s me, I think we are all doing it that way). I noticed that if you pick up the ‘center stitch’ from the vertical side’s first stripe it doesn’t jog anymore. … I started treating all those inside squares like the outside squares, where we are told to CO 24 sts and then PU 25 sts from the side”

12th Feb 2015 - finished the first quadrant
15th Feb 2015 - I don’t understand it but each square seems to be taking me longer now than it did at first. Maybe I have relaxed my knitting style a little as I was getting a bit tense. The first squares took about 40 minutes each, then it was 50 and now I am sure it must be over an hour. Never mind, I am enjoying it, it’s not a speed knitting competition.

21st February 2015 - finished second quadrant.
19th March 2015 - finished all four quadrants and started seaming them together.
22/03/2015 - started on the border, using Emperor rather than black. Finding it tricky to knit as I am an armpit knitter and of course I am having to use a circular to pick up so many stitches and it feels strange knitting that way but still enjoying it. The border seems a lot wider than I expected. I could have reduced the number of rows but I am sticking with the pattern.

Finished midnight 31st March and met my self imposed goal of finishing by the end of March. Will take pictures in daylight. I am beyond thrilled with it and would love to make another.
4th May 2015 started another, as I’ve been asked to make one for someone who fell in love with it
Hue shift number 3, with a Christmas colour pallet
Number 4
Hue shift Jewel colour way
Baby Hue Shift, my own size and colours
If you are none US and need help to buy the pattern see my tips here

August 2016 - only just noticed that my Hue Shift is being pinned in Pinterest. Feels weird to come across it on people’s boards.

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February 5, 2015
March 31, 2015
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