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Amanda's ingenious cozy
July 2013
July 2013
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Amanda's ingenious cozy
my morning wake up
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
winter wheat

This is so cute. I am so pleased with it and look forward to having my coffee tomorrow morning.

Following Amanda’s pattern with a couple of mods. I switched to size 6 needles to make it a bit snugger (I think my knitting was loose). Purled the first 3 rounds then switched to P2, K2 until st #42, cable set-up (place a marker before st 42), knit to end. Because the 6 cable stitches are surrounded by the P2s there is no need to add additional purl stitches around it.
continued with the p2,k2 ribbing while doing the cable as follows:

rounds 1-3 - knit
round 4 - C3F
rounds 5-7 - knit

repeated this 4 times total.

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July 2013
July 2013
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