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Ocean Waves Afghan
September 7 2017
September 23 2017
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Ocean Waves Afghan
Ocean Waves Crochet Blanket by Yarnspirations Design Studio
My spare Bedroom
Hooks & yarn
Caron Big Cakes
Caron Big Cakes
3 skeins = 1809.0 yards (1654.1 meters), 900 grams

I was originally going to do an Entrelac pattern. I started it and it was going well, but I just didn’t like how the colors were falling. So I frogged it early on and changed to this pattern. I had been eyeing this pattern, but wanted a bit more challenge. Nonetheless, always go with your first instinct.

It is working up rapidly and should match my guest bedroom, which is done in a gold/yellow and grey combination.


About the Yarn: This yarn isn’t quite as lofty and squishy as regular Caron Cakes. My assumption is that is related to the lack of wool in the fiber content. However, it is a nice texture. It is soft and nice to work with. I love not having all those pesky ends to weave in with the larger size of the yarn, but i will say out of my first cake, I did have a few knots and a strange section that seemed fuzzy and unraveled that was about 9 inches long that I had to cut out. Not super happy about that, but hoping the next cake is better put together. Still - I love the yarn in spite of the knots. The color was spot on for my needs and the striping is working out perfectly.


Update about the yarn: I am nearly finished with this afghan and will likely use close to 4 cakes as I made mine larger than the pattern called for. I am well into the third cake. My likes are the self striping colors that, as described, works out perfectly for afghans and larger projects. I feel of the yarn is great. The colors available are amazing! All my likes.

Now for my dislikes or rather inconveniences… My original findings have held true across 3 cakes now. In every cake I have experiences knots. At least 2-3 per cake. I have also consistently in every cake had a section that was unraveled in nature and nearly thread-bare more of the weight of a lace yarn or an embroidery thread that lasted anywhere from about 3-4 inches up to about 10 inches. These sections were so fuzzy or so thin that I had to cut them out because I was worried either it would break and ruin my afghan or it was so unraveled and unruly looking, it actually changed the weight of the section it was hitting.

Final thoughts: I still love the yarn. The colors are great and the larger cakes with the striping are ideal for larger projects. However, this doesn’t truly replace the need for a lot of lose ends. Maybe a little bit, but not as a single unit as you may be led to believe. Also, from a quality perspective, the unraveling section of yarn that has been consistent for me in my humble little 3 cakes seems to be a quality issue. Aside from those things, which for me are considered fairly minor, the yarn is fab.

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September 7 2017
September 23 2017
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