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Spellman Sweater for Johanna
March 1 2019
June 5 2019
Project info
Spellman Sweater for Johanna
Spellman Sweater by Dragon Hoard Designs
Johanna Elizabeth, daughter
XtraSmall 32”0
Needles & yarn
24 stitches and 35 rows = 4 inches
in Stockinette
1,071 yards
Dragon Hoard Yarn pegasus mohair
1.18 skeins = 531.0 yards (485.5 meters), 59 grams
Dragon Hoard Yarn Lore Sock
1.35 skeins = 540.0 yards (493.8 meters), 135 grams



Finally something Johanna has been super excited for me to start on! Well, she’s actually ALWAYS excited for me to start on something for her, maybe it was the yarn shopping that she was finally happy to participate in with me. These are her favorite colors too. Can’t wait to start! Putting the Hanks on the swift as soon as I finish this first note.


Had a little hiccup on the bobbles and cables , I didn’t read the chart correctly. Whoops! That’s ok, we’re going with the mistake as being a “ unique design element” I had accidentally did an extra bobble row where there shouldn’t be one. Started on the bottom band ribbing yesterday morning. Should have that done this evening after work or possibly tomorrow morning, then I’ll start the sleeves! I haven’t modified the pattern at all so far but I will be making the sleeves elbow length or slightly past. I should have this done way before my Easter deadline. Yay!


Well. My deadline I made for myself of having this done and on my daughters body for Easter Sunday came and went. Haha! Isn’t that always the case? Just tell me yes, ok? I only have that ONE half sleeve left and this beaut will be finished. Too bad it’s starting to be the HOT months in the Deep South, not as hot as my home town along the Gulf Coast, but still hot during the day and cool at night, so no Mohair to be worn for a bit. Boo!! I have also been learning and watching all the videos on YouTube about steeking so I can make this a cardigan version once Johanna outgrows this…..Which will most likely be when she can ACTUALLY wear it comfortably next Fall. Should be cool!


ALSO! Wanted to note that I will have exact weights of yarn used for the smallest size with half sleeves as soon as this is finished. So that should be great! And I think I just amazed myself in how I can figure out a rough estimate of yardage with my shit math skills! Yay for that!

Knitters Log, day Far too many. (06/05/2019)
I couldn’t sleep last night and woke up around 2:30 am. Decided to get out of bed since I had been tossing and turning all night anyway. Good times! Turned on some HBO and started “watching” season 3 of True Detective. LOVE! And of course get my ass in gear and finish this cute as hell cropped sweater for my kid! Took me 12 hours, off and on and a nap in for about an hour, just to knit 4 freakin inches of sleeve LOL.

Did Lori’s Stretchy Bind Off for collar, bottom hem and sleeve cuffs. Did some random ass placements of decreases for the half sleeves. I forgot to do any until the last repeat of Bobbles and Cables. I did about 5 decreases per sleeve and about 6 rounds of ribbing.


So I started alternating my skeins right after I separated the sleeves. Did mostly helical knitting style until I got tired of alternating. Although, I did use the second skein just for sleeves.

LORE SOCK BASE USAGE= Skein ONE, 13 grams (about 52 yards) left. Skein TWO, 52 grams (218 yards, half the skein) left.

MYTH MOHAIR USAGE= Skein ONE, 2 grams or 18 yards left from 50 gram skein
Skein TWO, 39 grams or 351 yards left. 409 yards left in total. Wow!

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March 1 2019
June 5 2019
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