Summer Luvin'
April 24, 2013
June 13, 2016

Summer Luvin'

Project info
Gemini by Jane Richmond
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Grignasco Chanson
8 skeins = 832.0 yards (760.8 meters), 400 grams
Ram Wools Yarn Co-op in Winnipeg, Manitoba

April 30/16

Starting again on this project that I initially did for the tttkal 2013. At some point after frogging it two years ago, I must have restarted it. There’s some lace and a bit of yoke done in any case. No clue where I’m at, but hopefully I can figure out what I was doing and get this one going again.

May 4/16 Update : Had some time to knit this afternoon waiting with Nan at the doctor’s office I’m chugging along slowly but surely again now! (Touch wood - there was a bad moment where I panicked, thought I’d made a big mistake, took all the stitches off the needle and just before I started to rip it all out realized I had no need to rip back. Put all the stitches back on the needle with a rather large internal lecture about jumping to conclusions and the disasters that can befall one for doing it. i.e.: needlessly ripping out sweaters)

May 10/16 Update : separated sleeves and body last night and am 1 1/2” in. Having some serious doubts that I’ll be able to finish this during the KAL, but plugging away anyways.

May 22/16 Update : this top hates me. I kid you not. A few days ago I took it off the needles, put it on scrap yarn and tried it one. Freaking tent like. AGAIN. Damnit, damnit, damnit. What the holy hell went wrong this time???? I do not want a swing top. Fairly certain it’s a gauge problem. The closer I got to being done the looser I knit. So I’ve ripped it out to the bust line where every thing fit nicely and have put it back on the needles. I will try very hard to be more consistent with my tension as I knit and as added insurance I’ve added in a couple of sets of decreases along the sides. (Can always block out a bit if necessary I figure) Maybe this will help me actually end up with a top I will wear. This is it though. If it doesn’t work this time I’m throwing in the towel. Life is too short to keep knitting the same damn thing over and over again.

June 4 Update : I have decided to re-knit this in size 38 rather than try to fix it some way and still not be happy with it. It’s completely frogged. I’ll be re-casting on tomorrow!

June 5 Update : so proud of myself for jumping right back in! I cast on this morning!!

June 12 Update : finally finished the lace section. Sadly this is going so much slower the second time around. :(

August 5 Update : pulled this out today after a several week hiatus. Going to stop the sleeves at 88 stitches.

October 1 Update : as much as I want to conquer this, I’m going to move it to hibernating for now. I need to focus on gift knitting for the holidays and seeing this every time I look at my project page is frustrating me. Maybe some distance will do us well…

2014 update : frogged. Mistakes + no clue where I stopped at = to heck with it. Might start over at some point. We’ll see.

Audiobook : The Prince of Tides, My Sister’s Keeper

Gauge swatch is done. Can’t wait to cast on April 24th for the Luvinthemommyhood summer top KAL!

1) Following the lead of many other knitters, I have done less decreases on the sleeve side of the raglan. I stopped at 92 stitches instead of 104 stated in the pattern so that my sleeve will be more fitted than flared.

2) Because of the yarn shortage I have made little cap sleeves by only knitting one row of stockinette on the sleeves before beginning the ribbing

April 25 Update : first repeat of lace is done and working on row three of the second repeat. Loving it so far!

April 27 Update : lace is done, part way through increases until separating sleeves. Just noticed yarn seems to be a bit pill-y. Hoping I’m wrong and it’s just picked up some lint from my knitting bag. (it’s pilling. Who’s kidding who?)

April 29 Update : separated sleeves today!! Feel like I am playing yardage chicken…

May 3 Update : about 6” left to go. Just starting my 7th out of 8 balls. Each ball seems to be giving me approximately 3 1/2” on the body depending how many knots are in it. (grrrrrrr). I think I’ll just squeak by. I have already finished the sleeves so the rest of the yarn is dedicated solely to the body. I’m hoping the length as written is going to be enough for me. If it’s too short I guess I can always wear a longer cami underneath.

May 6 Update : hip increases are all finished. About to join last ball of yarn. I’m on the home stretch!!!!

May 9 Update : finished. What went wrong? It’s HUGE. So upset. Not sure how I’ll proceed from here. :(

Audiobook Outlander

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April 24, 2013
June 13, 2016
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