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April 17, 2012
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various graphic sources
Machine Knitting
Tools and equipment
Brother KH-930 Electroknit
Brother KH-940

These are some photos of the pieces I’ve knitted utilizing img2track, the program that allows a Brother KH-930/940/950i/965i/970 to talk directly to a computer. It creates a pattern from a graphic image file that loads directly into the machine for knitting.

If this intrigues you and you’re interested in more info, take a look at DaviWorks - img2track knitting machine software. Also check out the group here on Ravelry, Img2track For Machine Knitters.

The Photos (Click on links to go to project page)

Family Portrait Blanket (see project)

Cat Ornament (see project)

60-Stitch Test Patterns (see project)

Star Wars Motifs Scarf (see project)

That’s No Moon (see project)

Frost Flowers Lace (see project)

Frosty Cheeks 2020 (see project)

Stormtrooper Ski Mask (see project)

WFF Cardigan (see project)

Frosty Cheeks Hats (see project)

Pokeball Drawstring Backpack (unfinished)

Mori No Ike Drawstring Backpack

Craftsman Motif Filet Lace

Dragonfly Filet Lace Shawl

Lynda Barry series I am knitting a series of panels representing the work of Lynda Barry. Her work is currently being featured at the Madison Children’s Museum.

Family Portrait Pillows

Sector76 Headband

MC Escher Sweater Only the front got completed. Final disposition TBD.

Tiger Series Tiger #1 in 4 color double bed jacquard, and #2 in 2 color fair isle. I hope to add an illusion knit soon.

Knitting Kids’ Art I spent a day at the Children’s Museum, scanning and knitting kids’ artwork.

Panna Frost Flower Lace I finally managed to chart out this beautiful pattern published by Foldi-Knits. This is my first attempt at knitting it. I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

Eiffel Tower Graphic Demonstrating 3 color knitting capability of img2track.

GrassRoutes Logo in 3 Colors I knitted some pieces with this logo a while back, but only in 2 colors. This piece has 3 colors per row.

Audrey H

Many Marilyns

Maker Mom My first attempt at a 3-color piece. DBJ.

Chris Meyer, owner of Sector67, is immortalized in this knitted image of his face, which I made into a pillow.

High Noon Logo Logo of a local watering hole, The High Noon Saloon.

Tyson/QR Sweater Next photos show the front of a sweater with an image of Neil deGrasse Tyson, who became an internet meme (and was voted the sexiest living astrophysicist) on the front, the back is a QR code for I was particularly pleased that the QR code scans correctly! Sector67 is the hackerspace in Madison where I’ve been working on this project.

Random Pattern The results of utilizing an online pattern generator The pattern repeats, but is a “morphing” pattern, so that you can see it changes subtly as it progresses.

Boston Terrier Not Bob, but my sister’s Boston. This particular item was created by simply uploading a photo into img2track and knitting the result.

Wisconsin Capital Dome This is taken from a photo in front of our State Capitol. The image was manually adjusted and manipulated, but again, was loaded into the machine with img2track.

Grassroutes Caravan Logo I was commissioned by a local bicycle activism group (Grassroutes Caravan) to knit some logos. I tried several iterations. These images were all manipulated by me prior to using img2track to load to the machine.

The peacock sculpture was created by Tim Sprengelmeyer, another member of Sector67, the hackerspace where I’ve been working on this project. The first photo shows the actual photo of the sculpture, followed by the knitted version of the image.

The “Wow! signal” was the beginning of the SETI project. Another pillow.

Additional Resources
here is an online photo resizer. It seems pretty useful, but use at your own risk.

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In progress
April 17, 2012
work in progress
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