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MC Escher Sky and Water I Hoodie
December 22, 2014
December 26, 2014
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MC Escher Sky and Water I Hoodie
Machine Knitting
Tools and equipment
Brother KH-930 Electroknit

My niece, on her semi-annual visit, wanted to knit a follow-on project to the Cat Sweater. She decided to use an Escher tessellation, and settled on the Sky and Water I image. She wanted to knit it in double bed jacquard to eliminate floats. Using the Cat Sweater as a model she traced a pattern onto the Knitleader mylar, adjusting the size and shape slightly to make it more of a tunic length. Then I gave her some guidelines on reducing and adjusting the image in GIMP. We used img2track to load her image into the knitting machine.

After knitting a sample to decide on stitch size we knitted up a swatch, set up the Knitleader and I got her started knitting the front. I decided that a knit and sew neckline would be the best choice.

The sweater was drafted with a shirt tail bottom edge which proved to be extremely challenging! And, in the end, problematic and likely more trouble than it was worth. But an interesting effort nonetheless. One big problem was that it was impossible to get weight on all the added stitches. We used 7-hangers for the edges, but that still left unweighted stitches between the edge and the cast on comb. In addition, casting on multiple additional stitches was a bear!!! of a job. We tried several different methods, unsuccessfully, and finally simply hand wrapped each, individual hook in the LWP.

The front actually turned out amazingly well, but time ran out for her visit, and under pressure, the back was started twice, and finally fell off after about 8 inches!!! Boo!

She intends to use the front panel to incorporate into another garment. I hope to get photos of the finished piece.

We both learned a great deal doing this project.

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December 22, 2014
December 26, 2014
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