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Holiday Vest
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June 12 2014
work in progress
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Holiday Vest
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Adriafil Avantgarde
246 yards in stash
5 skeins = 1230.0 yards (1124.7 meters), 250 grams
Michela Merceria
June 2014

Work with normal needles in size 4.5: CO 120 sts, work 2/2 rib for ~7cm, then continue in stockinette until reaching 15cm.
At this point change to needles 3.5 to slightly shape the waist; work until ~30cm in stockinette.
Switch back to needles 4.5 and continue in stockinette.
At 39cm start the sleeve shaping (armholes):
on the RS (right side) cast off 6 sts on each side; cast off one extra st at each RS row for 6 times.
At the 6th time (~43cm) start dividing for the V neck:
cast off the central 5 sts (there should be ~47 sts remaining on each side).
Continue casting off 1 on the side for the sleeve for another 4 rows on RS and 1 on the centre (V neck) for another 15 rows on RS.
Cast off all remaining sts and proceed with the half side left on hold.

Proceed similarly to the front, except leave out the neck shaping.

Sew up front and back with invisible seams (mattress stitch), with circular needles 4mm/40cm pick up sts along sleeves and neck and create a 2/2 rib edge.

V-neck with central decrease and hemming (=double fabric, if not too bulky) in 2/2 rib. Edit: decided against the double fabric because the rib would be too bulky once doubled. Made single 2/2 rib and bound off fairly tightly to avoid a loose neck edge.

As a reference, I found useful info about the implementation of some sweater details in: The Knitter’s Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd.

I’m going to try and make a sweater… I’ll design the sleeves, as well as the body. I’m using these sources as a reference:

  • The Knitter’s Book of Sweater Patterns (Ann Budd)
  • Set-In Sleeves - a Love Affair (Pam Allen, in Interweave Knits Winter 2007)

Let’s see if I can make it work with my own pattern

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In progress
June 12 2014
work in progress
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Personal pattern (not in Ravelry)
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by Adriafil
100% Wool
246 yards / 50 grams

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