Josie's Ballerina Harriet
January 31, 2012
February 9, 2012

Josie's Ballerina Harriet

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#23 Harriet the Haberdashery Hippo by Rebecca Danger
Needles & yarn

Converting Harriet to Ballerina Harriet:

With 4mm dpns or circular and CC cast on 120sts and join to work in the round.
Round 1: Purl
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: Purl
Rounds 4-10: Knit
Round 11: K2tog all around (60sts).
Round 12: Knit

Break off yarn and set aside.

Main body
Make legs as per pattern (correcting leg shaping at top) using MC.

At the joining round change to CC, work joining round, then purl next round to create a garter ridge, knit next 11 rounds

Round 13 (attach skirt): Hold the needle(s) containing skirt stitches to the outside of the body and work together one st from the skirt and one from the body all around.

Work through round 31, then purl one round to create a garter ridge.

Change to MC and complete hippo as per pattern.

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January 31, 2012
February 9, 2012
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