Unexpected cardigan
October 27, 2017
November 14, 2017

Unexpected cardigan

Project info
JB021 Cardigan by James C. Brett
Needles & yarn
James C. Brett Marble Chunky
3 skeins = 1023.6 yards (936.0 meters), 600 grams

A work colleague saw my crocheted centaur and asked if I could knit too. The upshot is that I’ve offered to knit up some yarn she’s had for a while. A friend had been going to make it for her but she has injured herself. At least it is chunky yarn so I’m hoping that it will knit up quickly!

Tension square came out exactly right. Up to armhole section on left front after one evening. Yarn is ok to work with and colour changes are nice.

Sunday 29
Left front finished and right front started. Got past ribbing and increases for body before it was time for bed. Didn’t attempt to match colours as the stripe pattern is not obvious. Only had about 3 rows to do at the end to bring the length up to that stated in the pattern. Hope that’s going to be OK. Kept track of exactly how many rows on my phone app so that I can match back and front exactly.

Tuesday 31
Finished the other front side. Started the ribbing for the back. Got 5 rows in and then realised I had forgotten to change the needles to the smaller size. First job tomorrow will be frogging.

Thursday 2
Unpicked the ribbing and started again. Got to do 32 rows of 1x1 ribbing before bed.

Friday 3
Did 30 minutes in bed before I got up. 13 or so rows with a couple of increases for the body shaping. Almost to the end of one ball.

Finished the back over the weekend. Decided to try and knit the sleeves in the round. Decreased the number of starting stitches by one so that the 1x1 rib worked out. Got to the right number of stitches by cutting down on the decreases after the ribbing. Carried on further than I should have done with the shoulder shaping so had to use a life line, pull back and then switch to knitting in simple rows. Hope this will work. First time I’ve tried to adapt a pattern this way.
Finished first sleeve on a train journey to Manchester and cast on the second one. Carried on the sleeve on my return journey, confused a few observers with the magic loop method.

Friday 10 Nov
I’ve finished the second sleeve and have joined the shoulder seams

Saturday 11 Nov
Did both borders. The instructions for the buttonholes took a bit of working out but I got it in the end. Working on the collar now. Hoping that it is going to come out true to size. Hard to judge at the moment but the back seems to be about right. Hoping that the sleeves will fit in OK..

Sunday 12
Finished the collar. It is 15 cm deep so it took a while. I’ve now seen in all the ends and I’ve lined up the first sleeve for sewing in. Looks as if it will be fine. Don’t want to start it tonight in artificial light.

Sewed everything up and it all seemed to match up ok. Had some yarn left so made the hat too and then crocheted a flower from Attic 24 to add as a decoration for the hat or as a brooch to go on the cardigan.

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October 27, 2017
November 14, 2017
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