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Speckled chicken
February 24 2019
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Speckled chicken
Good Morning Rooster! by Sara Elizabeth Kellner
Needles & yarn
Schachenmayr Bravo
114.8 yards (105.0 meters)

Third attempt to knit a hen from Sarahs rooster pattern
Used thinner yarn as for the rooster, to get a smaller chicken. Knitted no hackles, so I used provisional cast on for the neckline, also didn’t knit the longtail feathers
Changed the order of several rows of the rooster, to get an ‘rounder’ hen
Wattle and comb became some rows shorter

Waiting for better wheater to take pictures outside

Here is a link for the provisional cast on:

Very clear, not difficult!!!

(Page 4 Rooster)
Start with provisional cast on of 18 stitches
This is row 3 of the Rooster, so row 1 and 2 are not knitted

Knit Rooster until row 24:

K3 M1 K30 M1 K3

Knit row 25 en 26

Row 27:

K4 M1 K30 M1 K4
Knit row 28 en 29

Row 30:

K5 M1 K30 M1 K5
Knit row 31 and row 32

Row 33:

K6 M1 K30 M1 K6
Knit row 34 and row 35

Short rows page 4:

Start with row 5
Knit until row 20

Page 5:

Knit row 1, 2 and 3
Knit one row extra
Knit rows 4 - 11 and knit one row extra after each of these rows

I didnt knit 12 - 16

Knit page 6, 9, 10, 11 en 12
Page 9:
PU 1th of 18 stitches, start on the opposite side of the start of the cast on of the neckline and knit 1 round! Follow the Rooster pattern

I sewed the legs behind the wrap and turn row of the underbelly, and by th way, i knitted 4 toes instead of 3


(Noord-Hollandse Blauwe)

And I am so flattered:

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February 24 2019
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