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How to combine yarn to make new weight yarn
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How to combine yarn to make new weight yarn
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Yarn gauges

Fingering is 7 to 8 sts per inch
Sport is 6
DK 5.5
Worsted 5
Chunky 3.5
Super Bulky 2.5

UPDATE: As of January, 2011 -- with thanks to The Knitmore Girls Podcast, I learned that you cannot entirely duplicate a weight of yarn by holding two strands of yarn together at the same time. If you would like to listen to this episode it is here: Episode 135.

However, you can still use combined yarn to make a project thicker, and you can most certainly use it as a design element. I love to combine yarn weights!

It is also good to know how to combine yarn for an emergency (such as adding a stripe when you’re running out of yarn) or something simple (such as a remnant striped scarf):

2 strands of fingering make one strand of DK

1 strand of fingering and one strand of sport weight makes 1 strand of worsted

2 strands of worsted make 1 strand of chunky

1 strand of worsted and 1 strand of chunky make 1 strand of super bulky

Gin and vermouth make a martini : )

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