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Myriad TEST
May 25 2018
September 12 2018
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Myriad TEST
Myriad CAL by Iman van der Kraan
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)
Scheepjes Whirl
Scheepjes Whirlette

TEST Crochet
for Iman van der Kraan Haak Steek

The CAL has started on Aug 2nd - 15 parts in 15 languages!
There is also a charted version and a wonderful video for every part!

I am a member of the German translation and testing group.
I did most color A and E rounds in Blueberry, the B, C and D rounds in Jumpin Jelly.

Whirl 1: lasted to the end of part 9
Whirlette 1: ended in the middle of part 9

approx. 94 x 94 cm after part 11

Whirl 2: lasted to the end of part 14 (before additional squares and / or border, 15 g left
Whirlette 2: lastet to part 14, had to start Whirlette 3 for the last round of part 14

approx. 107 x 107 cm after part 14

Additional square:
approx. 20 x 20 cm
15 g of colored and 10 g of solid yarn for 1 square

I want to make Myriad larger but I decided against making 24 additional squares all around it.
Instead I’m going to repeat parts of the pattern.

First I repeat rounds 68 to 80.
For round 68, I need a stitch number per side that can be devided into 13 + (X x 12) + 10 = 23 + (X x 12)
The actual stitch number of round 106 is 225 for each side, corners: ch2.
I need 2 more stitches for the repition of round 68 to work, so I add a round of dc (US) with corners (dc, ch2, dc).
Then I can work rounds 68 to 80, just adapting the number of repititions.

Then I added 1 additional round of dcs (US) into every stitch, corners: dcs in hdc and 1st corner dc, (dc, ch2, dc) between the 2 corner dcs, skip the 2nd corner dc, dc in hdc, then dc into every stitch of the side until next corner

meanwhile that’s 4 times 255 sts plus ch2 as corner

Then repeat rounds 90 to 95.

Whirlette 3 lastet to the repitition of round 91, startet Whirlette 4 in this round.

Added another round of dc after round 95, corners (2dc, ch2, 2 dc)

276 stitches per side now!

Then repeat rounds 102 to 106.

Started Whirl 4 on round 105.

After round 106, I have 290 stitches.

No matter how you enlarge Myriad, for the border (part 15) you’ll definitely need a given number of stitches:
2 sts at the beginning + multiples of 10 sts + 3 sts at the end of each side.

So I crochet one more round of dc and increase the missing 5 sts in the corner - around the corner-chain I make 7 dc - 3 serve as additional sts before the corner, the 2 middle dc substitute the corner-ch, 2 serve as additional sts after the corner.

The corner of round 107 then doesn’t start at the ch2, but at the 4th dc. Instead of (sc, ch7, sc) into the ch2-space, I make 1 sc into the 4th dc, then ch7, then the 2nd sc into the 5th dc.

Part 15 (the border) consists of very loooong rounds because of the extension :) - the last round 111 was 4 times 829 = 3,316 stitches!

Leftover Whirlette 4: 7 g = 32 m
Leftover Whirl 4: 65 g = 295 m

Total: 3705 m Whirl, 1788 m Whirlette

Size of the finished Myriad:

I made a few photos with Sabrina (Thank you!) when I was still crocheting on the border - she shows how I can wear Myriad as a shawl.

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May 25 2018
September 12 2018
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