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Blackcurrent Sorbet Hetty
June 7 2014
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Blackcurrent Sorbet Hetty
Hetty by Andi Satterlund
Needles & yarn
Cygnet Aran
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3.5 skeins = 735.0 yards (672.1 meters), 350 grams
Ebay seller cosywool

I gave up, and flogged it, it just didn’t work. There needs to be more at the front than the back, when you’ve got a bust like mine, and I don’t think this style of pattern addresses that. I don’t have the experience of grading a knitting pattern to make it fit my front properly so I think I’ll just have to stick with more slouchy shapes for now.

Bah, humbug!

I got as far as doing the button bands for this last summer, but I’m stalled. I need to re-calculate how many stitches to pick up, because it’s too tight and puckery. But I’ve pretty much lost heart. I’m seriously thinking of ripping this up and using the wool for something else. I’ve tried, but I don’t think I suit this cardigan. I know it’s supposed to have negative ease, but it feels too tight when I try it on, and doesn’t feel very “me”.

After a few weeks on the Naughty Step this cardigan is back under way. I decided to rip the sleeve back to the start, because I couldn’t work out where I’d gone wrong with it, and I’d kind of lost track of where I was. I’ve redone the sleeve paying strict attention to what I’m doing, and making sure I count stitches A LOT! The left sleeve is nearly done (I’m on the ribbing) and I’ve kept a good record of exactly what I’ve done, so I can copy it on the right sleeve.

I’ve slightly adapted the Magic Loop method to suit myself, so that I work the round in threes rather than twos. It feels easier, and less pull-y at the joins.

I’m having difficulty with the sleeve. It seems to be very easy to lose stitches on. I’m pretty sure I haven’t dropped any, and the lace pattern seems to be correct, but I appear to be a stitch down in my counting, and I can’t see where it could have gone. The project’s been in the Naughty Corner for a week- it might be time to get it out and look at it more dispassionately.

However, in better news, since I found out about the Magic Loop Method, and reverted to the longer circular needle, I’m a bit more comfortable with the narrow circular knitting. It’s still a faff, but at least I don’t feel like my fingers are cramping to stay holding the needles.

Onto the sleeves now. Those tiny short needles are a real faff to work with. Each row is taking three times as long to do, because I feel so clumsy and awkward with the needles. I can’t hold them in my normal comfortable way.

I’m now on the main part of the body. I’m struggling with working out for myself when I have to work pattern and when I have to go for stocking stitch because the pattern won’t work when you’re decreasing. I’d quite appreciate the pattern being a bit more forthcoming on that score.

I ripped back the first lot I did, and spent yesterday evening trying to work it all out on paper before trying again.

This is my first attempt at knitting with circular needles. They feel a bit weird! I’m getting used to it, but it still feels strange having little tiny needles in hand rather than long ones.

The lace pattern’s nice and easy to follow. Although, having said that, I’ve still managed to cock it up a couple of times. Fortunately I noticed in enough time not to have too much to undo.

The photo isn’t showing the colour faithfully. It’s a darker pink really.

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June 7 2014
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