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Jacob The Sweater my Guys Like
January 31 2013
April 5 2013
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Jacob The Sweater my Guys Like
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Handspun Jacob Wool Fleece

I dug out an old Jacob Fleece. What fun. In order to keep the colours separate they had to be plyed by the Navajo method. This produces a 3 ply yarn. I made mine a worsted weight (4 Medium) about 35 yards/ ounce and about 9-10 WPI. Although I love to card or comb by hand, I do use my roving carder for larger project where I really want to get on with the task of knitting it so that is how I’ve been preparing this one for spinning.
Blog post: Spinning the Spotted Fleece
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The design is the “one my guys like to wear”. This is for DH. I designed another sweater to match the one I knit him almost 30 years ago. Not only did the original sweater last for 30 years, but hardly a day went by that it was not called into service (except those hot summer days, of course) and it’s still all in one piece even if it is showing a little wear now.

Blog post: Finishing Jacob The Sweater my Guys Like

I’ve had lots of great feedback and requests for the pattern but I want to do it in another Rare-Breed wool to show the flexibility and many option for the design. so it will be coming soon in my design collection.

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January 31 2013
April 5 2013
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