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Mörkt Löv - Dark Leaves
September 29 2018
November 21 2018
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Mörkt Löv - Dark Leaves
Mörkt Löv - Dark Leaf by Annika Malmstrom-Bladini
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
US 1 - 2.25 mm
33 stitches = 4 inches
AngoraGarnet Bohus Angora-Merino
2782 yards in stash
September 7, 2018

This was designed for Bohus Stickning by Annika Malmström Bladini in 1956 and recreated by Pernille Silfverberg and Solveig Gustafsson in 2017. It took a while for the mill to recreate the main color so I did not receive this kit until just today. I ordered an extra skein of MC.

October 1, 2018

Many of the Bohus Stickning forum knitters think of the photo from this post when we think of this rather rare design. The forum photo shows it knitted up in a straight yoked cardigan whereas the example that Pernille shows on her website - as well the one I am making - are both round yoked pullovers. I mention this because the straight yoked cardigan was probably knitted bottom up which would impact the chart knits and purls unless some re-working took place.
The color that is actually gray always looked like pale lavender in the photos but this is in part due to the surrounding yarn colors.

The large band of pink against a dark ground is composed of two dark greens which are side by side the kit photo. Slight shading of neighboring colors is expected in many of the Bohus designs but the darker these colors, the more difficult to perceive until a very close inspection.

October 4, 2018

Increase note Row 43: This is an interesting example of a change from a 4 stitch repeat in the previous row to a 6 stitch repeat that does not fit neatly into the 368 current stitches. The two rows that follow are one color and come right before the next increase row at 45. Since we have learned that motif trumps stitch count, I decreased two stitches, evenly spaced, in row 45 and then added them back in the next row to make the motif work.

Another note on increases: The increase of 46 stitches from 322 to 368 on row 39 works beautifully as it is every 7th stitch and 2 increases can be easily made 23 times fitting between the given motifs and keeping the purl stitches of that row above the appropriate color from the row below. What a perfect increase row!

October 5, 2018

Drat! Ran out of color #128 just about halfway thru round 49 which is the last use of that color. Ugh. I do not have this color in any of my other kits. I wrote to Pernille to ask for more. I have never run out of any of her kit yarns so I do not think this has to do with my gauge. :-(

Yarn replacement arrived 10/18. Finished using needed color and then sent spare yarn to Donnie as his replacement yarn had not arrived in tact. Glad to share!

November 8, 2018

Finished body to 10” length and switched to knitting first sleeve due to new cake of yarn. It is a silly tradition but it breaks up the plain knitting for me to end the body knitting when I’ve used up the first full 100g cake after the initial partial one (which is what I always start with) and knit the sleeves starting a new 100g cake. The two sleeves use less than one cake so I continue with the last bit of body knitting as the finale which helps my mentality that I’m ALMOST FINISHED!

November 11, 2018

Finished first sleeve. Decided to knit a hemmed cuff so decreased every 6 rounds until 64 sts remained and 19.5 inches of knitted length. Switched to 2.0mm needle and worked one row of purl for turned edge. Knitted 9 rows stockinette. Switched back to 2.25mm needle for BO row. Tacked down lightly and will start second sleeve next.

November 15, 2018

Finished second sleeve. Next will go back to work on final inches of lower body with a new cake of yarn.

November 17, 2018

Knitting lower body and dreaming about making a shirt tail hem using short rows to shape front and back which might be interesting.

November 20, 2018

Two attempts at shirt tail hem. Decided to lengthen the back hem for flattering look but tricky not to allow that hem to “cup the rear end”. Back stitches = 166. First attempt was a more even and gradual shaping using German short rows beginning 15 stitches on either side of back center and placing short rows every 10 sts until there were 8 remaining stitches before side markers. That subtle shaping would have caused me to make 7 short rows on either side of center and would have meant approximately 14 rows of length difference from straight hemmed front.

I decided that this was too subtle and would maybe even look like the back was poorly knitted and was sagging! So, I decided place additional short rows towards the side markers making the slope more distinctive there. By doing this, I lengthened the back shirt tail by 10 additional rows this way: on either side of center, after 15 sts, place 5 short rows 10 stitches apart, then 5 more short rows 5 sts apart ending 3 stitches before side markers.

This worked well. Worked one round plain after last short row in order to incorporate last ‘gap’ with a knit row before purling one row for turning edge. Then placed markers where short rows had taken place since I think I will need to k2tog at those spots to make up for shaping of back facing so that hem will be flat and not flared.

November 21, 2018

Finished knitting hem facing with 2.00mm needle. After purl turn, worked 12 rounds plus BO round. Stitched hem lightly in place. Time for a soaking and blocking and perhaps it will be ready to wear to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night!
Finished garment weighs 322g

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September 29 2018
November 21 2018
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