Blue Pebble "tunic"
May 28, 2010
August 19, 2010

Blue Pebble "tunic"

Project info
Pebble (Henry's Manly Cobblestone-Inspired Baby Vest) by Nikol Lohr
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight
114 Denim
ben franklin craft

So I doubled this pattern and it is pretty darn big on my almost 2 year old boy. We are dubbing it the “Tunic” and I think we may turn it inot his halloween costume this fall- Just needs a belt/sword, a helmet and boots and there you have it- King Arthur!

The good part is that it will fit for a long time and if I need a go to girls gift, this is a perfect little sweater dress.

Next time I would make the button holes a bit bigger to fit larger buttons, or leave them off and just knit in the round.

I will update these alterations soon!

CO 160
Rows 1-24 with a button hole at Row 14
Row 25 Sl 1, K9, PM, P66, PM, K12, PM, P66, PM, K6
Row 26 & all even Sl 1, K to end
Row 27 Sl 1, K9, P66, K12, P66, K6

Button holes at beginning of rows 34, 54, 74, 94

Continue until 98 rows have been completd

Row 99 BO all st before first maker, K to 2nd marker, BO btwn 2nd and 3rd markers, K to last maker, BO last 9 stitches. You will have 66 st each for fron and back.
With WS facing, rejion yarn on the half of the vest nearest button holes. This will be the front.

Row 1 & 6: Sl 1, K to end
Row 2 & 8: Sl1, SSK, K th 6 st from end K2tog, K1
Row 9-19 Repeat Row 1 ending with WS row

Front Neckline
Sl 1, K14, BO nenk st until 14 st remain on left needle, K to end. You should have 16 st on either side of neck.

Open Shoulder
Row 1 WS: Sl 1, K to end
Row 2 RS: Sl1, ssk, K to end
Repeat Row 1 20 more times
Buttonhole row: K2tog, YO, K to 4 st from end, YO, K2tog
Work Row 1 4 more times, then BO.

Seamed shoulder
With WS facing, join yarn at other shoulder.
Row 1 WS: Sl1, K to end
Row 2 RS: Sl1, K to 6 stitches from end, K2tog, K1
Work row 1 16 more times, then reak yarn and transfer live stitches to safety pin,

with WS facing, join yarn
Row 1 SL 1K to end
Row 2 SL 1 SSK, K to 6 st to end, K2tog, K1
Row 3-46: repeat row 1 ending w/ WS row

Back neckline
Sl 1, K14, BO neck st unti 14 st remian on left needl, plus one live st byeond the BO on your rgith needle) K to end. You should have 16 st on either side of neck.

Seamed shoulder

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May 28, 2010
August 19, 2010
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