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March 30 2019
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Celandines by Nim Teasdale
Needles & yarn
Crave Yarn Linea
123 yards in stash
1.7 skeins = 697.0 yards (637.3 meters), 170 grams

Asymmetric triangle of lace, garter, and a twisting cable of buttercup vine, the stem of the celandine..

The design is somewhat customisable as to the ratio of depth to length, and the main pattern can be extended to any size/yardage.

(Wishing Iā€™d used up the rest to the second skein, but I really wanted to get this finished while those trees were in colour! :)

Please note the green of Revive is not quite this yellow, but we were shooting just before dusk, and the photos came off the camera with this lovely atmospheric light, so I left them as they were rather than balance it out.

Revive x2 (103g each) 3.5 needles
63g used end 4th rep
46.5g end 5th rep (17g used in the 5th)
27.5g end 6th (19g used)
(13.4 end 2/3 of 7th. 9.75 end r53, 7.25 end r56)
5.55 end 7th rep (22g)
88.6 end 8th rep (5.5+15
60g end 9th rep,
52g end BO, row 34 variant, with yos beside the cable, and picots on WS

(ALL photos with me in them are thanks to the skill and patience of thegreencup - this project and every other. Thanks J. :)


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March 30 2019
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by Crave Yarn
90% Merino, 10% Cashmere goat
410 yards / 100 grams

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