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The Trickster
June 15 2018
June 22 2018
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The Trickster
The Trickster by Nim Teasdale
Needles & yarn
485 yards
Bilum Hand Dyed Yarns Muli
44 yards in stash
0.9 skeins = 393.7 yards (360.0 meters), 90 grams
Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash
none left in stash
0.16 skeins = 91.9 yards (84.0 meters), 24 grams

This is for the GG Places Real or Imagined KAL in August.

I had grand designs for an Yggdrasil inspired shawl, a massive cable trunk with 3 worlds nestled within, and a shimmering corona of leaves, but life often has plans of its own, and grand, elaborate, complicated designs are simply not on the cards this season.

Instead, I will humbly petition Loki to look favourably upon my efforts by using a truly cunning lace, and hope that I might be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat in time to meet the wonderful AL.

Started yesterday, which gives me 2 weeks to knit and block this ready to meet AL. :) (The tricky bit is that we are currently in the high Savoie, France, and will be camping in the van and travelling 1700 km during that time. Why oh why do I do these things to myself?

Not sure about the green CC, so trying out some golds.
Why the macaroon? I happened to be eating it at the time, and it was so nicely colour coordinated..

Wollmeise=165.7 oligo vergine
Muli 400m=99 (65%silk, 35 baby camel) colourway?

End chart 1, 77g muli rem/22g used, (24.7g WM used, 85m)
60g rem end 1.5 reps of chart 2
51.7 end 2nd repeat/start of trans
45.5g rem end row 4 of chart 3
22.4 rem end 2nd Rep chart 3.
15.3g rem end r6, 13.3 end r7
Bo on r8 (10g rem, 360m used)

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June 15 2018
June 22 2018
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by Rohrspatz & Wollmeise
100% Merino
574 yards / 150 grams

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by Bilum Hand Dyed Yarns
65% Silk, 35% Camel
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  • Project created: June 15, 2018
  • Finished: August 28, 2018
  • Updated: August 29, 2018
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