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Where the Forest Meets the Sea
August 1 2018
September 12 2018
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Where the Forest Meets the Sea
Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Nim Teasdale
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Vivid Fiber Arts Lux (Tencel Base)
21 yards in stash
1.05 skeins = 727.7 yards (665.4 meters), 157 grams
Vivid Fiber art

This design is for the Gorgeous Gradients Group Favourite Places CAL. My favourite place being anywhere where the forest meets the sea.

An expanding semi circular design inspired by looking at the crazy outlines of the Norwegian fjords on the map.

Where the forest meets the sea - foliage for the forest, ridges of mountains switchbacking down to the coast, streams becoming rivers which meander down to join the sea.

Fittingly it’s been designed and knit in forests and mountains, for the most part, then bound off and blocked beside the Black Sea. :)

Using a truly glorious skein of VFA in Emerald Isle.

6.7 rem of skein, 157.3 used = 665m (730y)
3.5mm (US size 4)
Measures: 145x65cm (57x26in) after blocking.

Bumping this up out of archives.

Beads. The mention of beads on p.1 was a stub. You’re welcome to add beads if you wish, but I couldn’t see anywhere that wouldn’t require gazillions of them. MythMouse has proposed the k1s between the yos, which is a good option for lighter beading.
Or they could go on the double decs, but that would be a lot of beads, as would placing them on the decrease lines between the yos.. Or on the outer curves of the solid shapes.. This is why I opted out of beading this one!

Spine. Also, at the end it’s possible to continue the double decrease spine rather than using the split lines, just work rows 141 & 143 in the same way that the previous 2 increases were worked.

This was the first time I can say a photoshoot was almost fun. Something about having to wade knee deep through an icy cold (and fast) river to balance on a mossy log in imminent danger of falling in..

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August 1 2018
September 12 2018
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by Vivid Fiber Arts
100% Tencel
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