First Weaving Project
August 15, 2015
August 15, 2015

First Weaving Project

Project info
Cricket Scarf (modified)
Tools and equipment
240 yards = 2 skeins
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted
1 skein = 120.0 yards (109.7 meters), 50 grams
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted
1 skein = 120.0 yards (109.7 meters), 50 grams

This was a practice run with a modified draft for a scarf that came with the kit. The yarns came with the loom. Gads, those colors are hideous together.

Anyway, pre-blocking, I need to work on my tension. Will see what happens after blocking. The full-length shot is the fresh off the loom result. I decided to cut the fringe off because, well, you can see how it makes a big difference reducing the amount of that green…

Post-blocking, interestingly, not much difference except more evened out. Gotta work on the tension on the selvedge edge.

It took me from start (warping) to finish about 6 hours for my first time. That included re-warping about 3 times because I ran out of yarn so I had to start over and recalculate where to start feeding the heddle which I didn’t do quite right so that may have affected my end result, too.

There wasn’t enough yarn to make a full-sized scarf (and really, I didn’t think it would have mattered much--the colors are hideous together). So this was a good first run. I would describe it as a wobbly table runner (wobbly runner for a table). The tension would be perfect for placemats. I really need to ease up on the tension if I want to make a scarf.

On the positive side, it was nice to use yarn that I didn’t care about for this project. And it was neat to do the stripes, too. I really learned a lot from YouTube videos and there are a lot out there for this loom because it’s kind of a beginner’s loom but will serve well for scarves, placemats, table runners, etc.

The loom is well-made and not too difficult to put together if one is experienced with assembling stuff. Shipping from The Woolery was super fast. I got it in about 3 days. I also ordered the variable dent heddle so I could do some cool stuff with different yarn weights in the warp, plus, not having to buy so many different heddles. Looking forward to making funky novelty yarn scarves with this. It really is fun, but man, the prep work takes a bit of time. Not quite used to that since all the prep time I ever had knitting or crocheting was winding the yarn into a center pull ball and maybe conforming the pattern in KnitCompanion, LOL!

I have tagged several yarns in my stash for weaving purposes so I’m looking forward to burning through my stash. :)

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August 15, 2015
August 15, 2015
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by Brown Sheep
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