Fungi fun
November 28, 2014
February 8, 2016

Fungi fun

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Aseroe Rubra - CAL - Flowerlike Fungus
Art project feathers and dragons and CKAL IFFF
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I started rather late with this CKAL, but the positive thing about that is that all the instructions are already there and I have already seen a lot of fungi made by the other participants. They said I would not be able to resist this CKAL and they were right……

I am making 3D fungi, to incorporate them in my art project feathers and dragons.

After I had made some of the fungi of the CKAL, I wanted to make a Morchella. I will try to explain how I did it:

I used some brown unspun wool and started to crochet into it, making the form, with some brown yarn. I just used chainstitch, single crochet, and slipstitch, freeforming around. Then I tried felting it. But this wool did not felt very well. So it was just felted a little and I used some sewing to cover the holes. Of course you can start with just a felted hollow form also…. And it is also possible to stitch the form of the cap from a sheet of brown felt.Then I started making the criss-cross lines (looking at the picture of the Morchella), using a lighter colour of yarn with some structure (see picture). I used again just chain stitch, slipstitch and single crochet. Sometimes I pushed the hook through the felt, and another time I could crochet around another crochet stitch, or attaching it with a slipstitch.
The stalk was made with sc in the round. I think I started mine with 12 chainstitches, but it all depends of the yarn you use and how thick you would like the stalk.
The stalk has to be long enough to go inside the cap.
I have put some fiberfill inside the stalk and also made a bottom.
Finally I attached the stalk to the cap with a few stitches that go through both. To secure the stalk further to the cap I had to turn the cap inside out.

I also changed the pattern of the Orange Pore Fungus from 2D into 3D.

To make the earth star even more 3D I knitted also a star as a backing.

I also liked to knit the little fungi…. I liked them so much that I made 10 of them. They are attached to the underground. For the underground I also used some patterns which are described in the book Pop knitting.

2015, December 27: I had to stop this fungi fun about a year ago, because problems with my arm and shoulder. But I now am back here to continue the fun…. I just finished 2 Turkey Tales, from the instructions of Rose in this CKAL of the International FreeForm Forum (IFFF). However, I did change it a little in the end- I used an I-cord bind off…. and I have put thin wire through the outside border.

I also had to make the Birds Nest Fungus of course… (pattern by Loren).

There was no fly agaric in this CKAL, but I just added this fungus myself….. It was fun to design this one.

For the underside of this mushroom I started with the pattern of Loren (Twisted1) from the Birds Nest Fungus.

I added some sprang/crochet mushrooms as well. They will be at the bottom of my folding screen, together with a lot of the other mushrooms.

Then there were the lichens, designed by Pauline. I also had to add some of them too. I used for this a real stone, with 2 layers of sprang at it. I also added a crocheted paisley garland (as Pauline suggested in her contribution), made with some hairy (mossy) yarn.

Almost all fungi were used at the bottom of my second folding screen. The folding screen is also almost ready now, but…. I still want to add a nest for the Weaver bird to it and a nightingale….

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November 28, 2014
February 8, 2016
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