Lace bird
June 2014
June 1, 2022

Lace bird

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Ifff Adventures in FreeForm Lace CKAL
Needles & yarn

I want to use (part of) the instructions of the IFFF CKAL Adventures in freeform lace in this …. bird!
Yes…. I will be making another bird, I think….. Or will I make a shawl? Do not know yet…. Maybe I will do both. LOL.

After some weeks of playing, I decided to make a poncho from this. Maybe later I will make the bird….

First week: With the instructions of Melba (Melbav) I have made my first panel (with the Wingspan and Dreambird as inspiration). I have added a little swing knitting to it and I did start with 60 stitches instead of 90. Will add later some more motifs to the underside.

In the second week a random lace pattern from Pati (Justripit at Ravelry). And Bruges Lace from Jorel.

In the third week a slanted mash lace pattern for knitting and Lover’s knots or Solomon’s knots (Instructions of Melba)

Week 4: Instructions for striped lace knitting and Larksfoot crochet by Margaret - Sharecropper at Ravelry.

Week 5: I made a smaller triangle, to fill the form of a poncho. Used the instructions of Loren (Twisted1 at Ravelry) of the knitted cross stitch, which I made with an extended stitch. I also used Loren’s instructions for the Broomstick lace stitch.

I used Loren’s instructions for the crochet cross stitch to make some forms I will use later at the underside of another panel.
And I made another small triangle with the crown stitch.
Small Irish roses will be used above the small triangles.

Week 6: Crochet broomstick and drop stitch - instructions by Akua Lezli Hope. I like experimenting with these very nice instructions. I found out that you can create different heights of loops in one row, using different sized needles and/or 2 needles together for part of the loops. I liked the effect very much, but my holes were a bit too large for this project. so I decided to fill the holes from the backside with a thin cotton yarn.

Suggestion of Melba for knitting: drop stitch. I used a pattern with waved drop stitch.

Week 7: I am DFAD for hairpin lace and a mystery knitting stitch. I made some hairpin lace motifs and added them to the panel of week 1.
I also made a new triangle, using the stitches of this week.

I made another triangle (with turquoise in it) with some stitches I have found. One of them is the Square Eylet Mesh stitch (From “The Principles of Knitting). The other one is Miniature Leaf 2 from
For the underside of this triangle I am working a combination of hairpin lace and broomstick crochet lace.

July 17: I started joining the triangles…. Still another triangle to go. And also I need to make some Irish crochet to fill in….

July 19: Working at the Irish crochet roses now. Going around them with Clones lace.

Week 8: Feather and Fan instructions from Rose (Roseknits24-7). I started with her Feather and Fan, then added some other stitches and a smaller feather and fan pattern. Also added a Rose….

July 24: Today it seems my “poncho” will not become a poncho…. Decided that it will become something different….

July 25: Finished at 22.00h.
July 26: First photos of the finished item. I definitely need another shirt under it…. Going to look for it this afternoon.

Yes!!! Found a suitable shirt to wear under it!!!

Well… it is now May 2022 and I did not wear this more than a few times, because it does not keep sitting well at my shoulder. So I am now reopening this project, to make it more wearable…


Gradually I am changing this garment in something that is more wearable. To find out how to do this I have used temporaryly some sprang pieces. They are now replaced with freeform knitting and crochet. Now I also want to add a sleeve. So more freeform lace is needed.



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June 2014
June 1, 2022
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