Little Wing
October 8, 2012
October 17, 2012

Little Wing

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Little Wing Shawlette by Andee Graves
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Hooks & yarn
6.0 mm (J)
6.5 mm (K)
Lion Brand Amazing
2 skeins = 294.0 yards (268.8 meters), 100 grams
Wal*Mart in Massachusetts
October 8, 2012

Hooray I finished yesterday! I was so confident in my ability to follow the pattern that I kept right on working the repeat until I had only one 5 stFan in the center! This is not what you are supposed to do, but if you want to, you certainly can! You end up with a bigger, pointier triangle! But I didn’t like the way the yarn looked (it ended in gray instead of on of the beautiful purples!) So I went ahead and ripped back until I liked the pattern. I followed the instructions for the last two rows (although I think I was still a few rows longer). As long as you are at the right point in the pattern repeat you can make it whatever length you like!
I’m really happy with the shawlette and even have enough yarn left to make wrist warmers - yeah!!
I used just barely over 2 skeins.
Once I memorized the pattern (and figured out the center section) I’ve been making swift progress, and it looks beautiful in the Amazing yarn!
Patten Clarification Row 2 had me stumped when I got to the center section. After reading others notes and a bit of trial and error I offer this to others who may get stuck:
The original pattern says:
3stFan in next ch-3 sp, ch3Lp in 2nd dc of next Fan, repeat from * to * 9 times, ch 2, sk 1 dc, ch3Lp in next dc, repeat from * to *
You should do this:
when you get to the 9th repeat work the ch3Lp in the 2nd dc of the 5stFan, ch 2, sk 1 dc, work ch3Lp in next dc (or the 4th dc of the 5stFan)
Now continue as the pattern indicates. I don’t know why this was so hard for me. I guess I just didn’t realize that I needed to be working in the 5stFan. Once I got it though it seemed so obvious. Anyway, if you find yourself stuck give this a try!
I chose this wrap after a great amount of consideration. I like that it has the look of a shawl, but function of a scarf. Plus I’ve been looking for a project to use the Amazing yarn with. I usually prefer to start at the bottom (point) and work up, but I’ll give it a go.
Pattern Mod: The pattern starts with a variation of the Fsc that I just couldn’t figure out - so I am beginning with a traditional Fsc (169 stitches as indicated). Hopefully it will be a fun pattern!!

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October 8, 2012
October 17, 2012
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